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Horse Nebula

I was soooooooooooo bored at work I finished my task at the moment. Sat there for forever wacom and photoshop ready to go. Doodle this doodle that.... what should I paint? Abstraction? Horses? Centuars? Been wanting to make space art but so much has already been done. I like the Horse Head Nebula but eh... my own spin on possible creation myth? What the heck: The Great Galactic Horse! I love the Eagle Nebula.... no artist can top that one. Its a hit or miss again. I have no idea. Buries head in sand.... sigh. I may try again tomorrow.
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How big do you make these? They're beautiful ^-^

There's so many real nebulae that look like things in the sky, it's amazing.
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Thank you very much! I painted these digitally with Photoshop(the zoom feature)... some things I paint for fun, for experimenting, so I don't make them very big... I forget but I think this one is not that big. I used to paint on canvases and the largest was 4x3 feet. But these days its more economical, easier to store too, just to paint on the computer.
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:D Hi!!! How are ya?
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Oh, I like this very much!
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well it looks fantastic.
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Thanks for the support!
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it's like an explosion of fleeting colors....
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