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Draw a Bird

Knowing how to draw birds are important because you need to know how to draw wings.

You can stick wings on anything! A pig, an elephant, a car or toaster.

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A toaster with wings... I need to see that xD If I can remember correctly though, we used to have a movie about a toaster going to the moon, so why not? xD
I see you have some awesome tutorials, gonna check 'em out now :D
carlitosbug's avatar
Actually it's called The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars.
ARainbowOfColour's avatar
YES! That movie! I realise only now how weird that movie actually is xD
Diana-Huang's avatar
Thanks! :) There used to be this screensaver on PCs where toasters with toast popping up and down flies across the screen. :XD:   
ARainbowOfColour's avatar
Never seen or heard of, but it does sound awesome xD
Scartalon1000's avatar
:iconsweetjesusplz: Why are you so awsome...
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theyaoimistress's avatar
thanks!!! i really need to draw birds T_T you are a life saver!!!
Diana-Huang's avatar
You're welcome! :)
kiNg-weAsLey86's avatar
this was really helpful! haha i fail at birds.. so thanks! :)
Diana-Huang's avatar
Glad I could help! Happy drawing! :)
plasticgay's avatar
hoho, thanks :-----D !
i have to draw a card to christening.... and..... well, just big thank you ! (--------8
Diana-Huang's avatar
Cool! You are very welcome!
keiko-chan17's avatar
this helped me a lot with the basic shape of birds! :D
thank you for sharing!<3
Diana-Huang's avatar
Glad I could help! ^_^
ollyfish's avatar
i drew it =]
its not very good but i'll draw it again until it's better
yours however is beautiful ^_^
useful to have the baselines and how to make it more detailed step by step =]
Diana-Huang's avatar
Cool! Glad it has been helpful! :)
PhoenixArts's avatar
Thank you, finally someone who makes a more than decent tutorial on birds. Thank you so much.
Diana-Huang's avatar
happy to provide! :D
Beaver-Wizard's avatar
Amazing, just used it to make a fantasy bird :D
Diana-Huang's avatar
Cool! Would like to see it!
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