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Sky Centaurs Chapter 6 Bonded
“I need to tell Zeba this. Be right back!!” said Katie as she zipped out of that plaza as quickly as possible to the elevators that led to her office.
“Congratulations!” laughed Zeba as she greeted Katie coming down the hallway too her office all flustered wanting her advice.
“I had a feeling the two of you would become something eventually. He liked you for so long.”
“You knew?”
“EVERYBODY knew fifteen years ago he had it bad for you. He came to me, asking about you. I told him you had a lot to deal with coming from another planet, being lost here, being so small, not knowing how to get home back to your herd and who knows what they did to you back on Earth!”
“Why does he even want this?” asked Katie as the two ate the dinner brought up to them at a window table overlooking the city and ocean.
“He held on because you remind him of the person he used to be. Modernization and the war took away all signs of sim
:icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 1 0
Sky Centaurs Ch. 4 Homecoming
Entering the atmosphere of Alpha Centauri, they flew above the white marble skyscrapers of Citadel surrounded by modernized homes and farms. White specks of the tiger-swans patrolled the airspace. A handful flew up to check them out before returning to the lower level of sky.
Far in the distance, coming in fast was a striking black and gold art deco style metropolis with myst and waterfalls cascading from various openings of the rocks. Altiplano made a fortune and obtained global power as the hub of technological development.
They landed on a platform jutting out above the agricultural land below. Altiplano had also become a hub of trade with creatures flying in from all over the planet on all kinds of airships. Baku was immediately caught up discussing what they went through to the centaurs that greeted them. He wandered off with them with a quick nod to Katie.
“Come. We’ll take you to see Zeba. She will be happy to see you again.” said Batya.
Katie was led across gl
:icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 0 0
Sky Centaurs Chapter 5 Rituals
“Nobody wants to eat that.”, “That is disgusting.” chattered three young female centaurs nearby as Katie spent an afternoon alone picking out lunch in the plaza.
Everything she touched, the others made a critical comment on. Katie looked at the shopkeeper. The elder centaur simply shrugged. She quickly paid for her selections and left the shop.
The girls followed her out to a seat under the warm noon sun.
“Why are you hear?”
“Haven't you done enough?”
“Go back to your planet!”
She was shocked but not hurt since she was used to people like that not liking her by this age. Glaring at them while getting up to leave the plaza, Katie felt a firm grip on her shoulder.
“She’s not going anywhere!” glared Baku. The girls dispersed quickly after flashing expressions of envy as they leer at Katie and tried to flirt at Baku with their eyes.
“Are you ok? I'm sorry about this.”
“I'm fine. I'm a big girl n
:icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 0 0
Sky Centaurs Chapter 2
After a moment of nauseating disembodiment, Katie found herself launched into the chamber that held the portal gate. Face down on the ground, Katie slowly reoriented herself. As she was pushing off the ground she felt hands grab under her upper arm and hoist her back onto her feet.
Explosions rocked the building. Pieces of it falling down on them. They rushed out of the chamber as everything collapsed. Burying the portal gate below a pile of rubble.
“Where is Zan?”
“In another building that holds the leadership’s seat.”
“Follow us!”
Katie did her best to keep up with her now larger centaur friends as they ran through the hallways to find the exit to the building. Petal swopped down to pickup and hoist Katie onto her back. Katie hung on as they galloped through streets strewn with the dead and injured bodies of dragons and centaurs.
She saw the burned wreckage of the once great dragon city with Alpha Centauri hanging in the sky. Funny to think s
:icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 1 0
Draw Cheetah revision by Diana-Huang Draw Cheetah revision :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 5 0
Sky Centaurs Chapter 1
Katie Mah tapped out the combination on her temperature controlled locker outside the science building. She swapped things needed for the last two classes of the day before grabbing the lunch pouch. It was a Friday, which meant there wasn't any sort of on-campus club meeting she needed to go to so she went to her usual spot. It was a low concrete wall next to the Arts and PE building facing the quad where her friends started to gather.
The wall surrounded a big old tree giving shade under the hot winter sun of Southern California. The smell of ashes wafted in the air. She ate her sandwich and shared snacks while listening to her friends talk about plans to go somewhere fun, to parties, or hang out with their boyfriends. Instead of talking she just doodled things like centaurs, dragons and mermaids in her sketchbook. She never told anyone about it. Who would believe her? Nothing else about her was all that important or exciting to tell the others. She was average academically and so wer
:icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 2 0
Sky Centaurs Cover Ideas WIP by Diana-Huang Sky Centaurs Cover Ideas WIP :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 2 0
Sky Centaurs Story Idea Dumping
Sky Centaurs is a continuation of The Intrepids story.
A bit wizened from her adventures, Katie Mah put her nose to the grindstone in her studies to pass classes and exams to someday go to college. She is now in the 11th grade and 15 years old and like any Chinese American girl growing up in near future Southern California.
She wonders how Zeba her mentor is doing. She doodles drawings of Zan the gorgeous dragon in the margins of her notebook in math class. She simply stayed quiet about him when the girls she ate lunch with giggle, gossip and brag about the boys they imagine are deeply in a serious relationship with. Katie smiles on the inside when the others pity her for her lack of attachments. She never told anyone about her adventures. Who would believe her?
She thinks about Baku. She held a special place in her heart for him. After all he was the first and only boy to have genuinely loved her in a way she had yet to see from the boys at school. She secretly daydreams about Baku th
:icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 2 0
Witches by Diana-Huang Witches :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 1 0 Draw Horse revisions by Diana-Huang Draw Horse revisions :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 4 1 Draw Horses 2 revision by Diana-Huang Draw Horses 2 revision :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 2 0 Draw Spiders by Diana-Huang Draw Spiders :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 8 0 Draw Butterflies and Moths revision by Diana-Huang Draw Butterflies and Moths revision :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 3 0 Draw Insects Revision by Diana-Huang Draw Insects Revision :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 3 1 Chicken by Diana-Huang Chicken :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 2 0 TigerSwan concept sketches by Diana-Huang TigerSwan concept sketches :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 2 0


Master Pilot Earhart - Portrait - WIP by SandboxAlchemy Master Pilot Earhart - Portrait - WIP :iconsandboxalchemy:SandboxAlchemy 4 0 Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lower Bridge by SandboxAlchemy Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lower Bridge :iconsandboxalchemy:SandboxAlchemy 3 0 Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Bridge Platform by SandboxAlchemy Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Bridge Platform :iconsandboxalchemy:SandboxAlchemy 4 0 Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lab Facade A by SandboxAlchemy Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lab Facade A :iconsandboxalchemy:SandboxAlchemy 6 0 Centauress Knight by Blazbaros Centauress Knight :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 595 49 Inktober 2018 #18: Bottle by frankly-art Inktober 2018 #18: Bottle :iconfrankly-art:frankly-art 22 14 Centaur at the Bus Stop by RAM-brandt Centaur at the Bus Stop :iconram-brandt:RAM-brandt 29 6 Inspiration Point by RonTheTurtleman Inspiration Point :iconrontheturtleman:RonTheTurtleman 3 0 Charter Oak School by RonTheTurtleman Charter Oak School :iconrontheturtleman:RonTheTurtleman 3 0 Charter Oak School by RonTheTurtleman Charter Oak School :iconrontheturtleman:RonTheTurtleman 3 0 Charter Oak School by RonTheTurtleman Charter Oak School :iconrontheturtleman:RonTheTurtleman 3 0 Noirtober Day 1 by 47ness Noirtober Day 1 :icon47ness:47ness 96 34 Noirtober Day 5 by 47ness Noirtober Day 5 :icon47ness:47ness 115 29 Speeding Up by MisterKrababbel Speeding Up :iconmisterkrababbel:MisterKrababbel 8 5 Mountain Village by MisterKrababbel Mountain Village :iconmisterkrababbel:MisterKrababbel 36 22 The Citadel of Corte by MisterKrababbel The Citadel of Corte :iconmisterkrababbel:MisterKrababbel 35 13



I got an e-mail yesterday. It was written in French by David FullMetalArt  so I had it translated! The internet is an amazing thing! :D

LetterFrench by Diana-Huang
Draw a Scary Fish by Diana-HuangMetal Fish by Diana-Huang


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