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Sky Centaurs Chapter 12 Tourist
“Here, wear this.” said Shasta putting a metal tag around her neck with a (design symbol of Altiplano later) branded into it. “It’s to let people know you are the property of Altiplano. All kinds of small creatures are bought and sold now. This will ensure that you are not taken against your will, its important to indicate who is owner and who is property.”
Katie willingly wore the tag before walking out of the research building with Shasta holding her wrist. Back out on the streets of Citadel, large and small creatures passed by without noticing her.
She could smell the delicious aroma of cooked food before she could see the street holding all the places to eat. There were restaurants and carts dedicated to the cooking of flops among them: Flop Bites, Flop on a Stick, Flip Flop Burgers. There were furless brown round things that were enormous flops turning on a fiery spit. The smells were familiar to all the meat based foods she had at Altiplano. S
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Sky Centaurs Chapter 11 Experiments
Quickly the team headed towards the research laboratories to drop off everything they carried. The crowded skyscraper canyons made it hard to see very far. She focused on the creatures around her.
They were on a specific schedule she knew nothing about, but trusted the centaurs.
When they got near the lab building, Shasta told her to get inside a container for creatures and security scanned her in as cargo. Katie played along thinking the story Shasta came up with was way better than hers.
She was carted into restricted areas deep inside the building. She observed the people and things along the way. Everyone worked on mysterious things also. Her cart was parked among others in a corner. Shasta opened the container.
“Ok! You can come out now!”
“Thanks!” said Katie as she stretched her arms and legs. “That was a really good story! I was going to say I hatched out of an egg deformed!”
“That doesn’t make any sense, you don’t look like
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Sky Centaurs Chapter 10 Downward
Going through her closet she grabbed extra clothes and other things and tossed them into her backpack. Refilled water bottle strapped in she walked through the plaza shops. She shoved snacks into the backpack she picked up along the way out.
Alone she took the elevator up to the landing platforms not sure when she will return. Perhaps a week? These things usually are unpredictable. With a spring in her step she had to hold herself back from running. She was excited to leave Altiplano and explore a changed planet. The team was waiting for her. Shasta and the others from the lab loaded with supplies and equipment strapped onto them.
“You can ride on me” offered Shasta walking over to a set of step stools for all the short non-centaurs to climb on.
Once she was strapped in, Shasta took her to what seemed like the edge of the world. She saw some centaurs turn to the left and disappear into the edge. Revealed was a nicely carved rock staircase began as a rectangular cutout into
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Ezekiels Brain Book Cover WIP by Diana-Huang Ezekiels Brain Book Cover WIP :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 1 1 Higher Education Novel Bookcover WIP by Diana-Huang Higher Education Novel Bookcover WIP :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 1 0 KP logo drawings by Diana-Huang KP logo drawings :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 2 0 KP Logo Designs by Diana-Huang KP Logo Designs :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 0 0
Sky Centaurs Ch. 9 Recovery
Eventually Baku was strong enough to be off of the machines, and out of the sterile environment of the high risk ward. Being his partner, the medical staff began instructing her on the medications he needed to take and why. A stream of people poured in to wish him well. They saw her meticulously measuring out the right dosages on the side of the room before putting them into little paper cups. Others offered to keep him company so she could take a break from keeping him company.
She took walks, washed, slept in her own room, wolfed down food alone, and went back to work in the labs. Tired from staring at the monitors for hours Katie rubbed her eyes and yawned.
“Why are you spending so much time here? You should rest.” said Shasta also working in the lab.
“I don't know what else to do. I'm bonded to a guy who doesn't tell me anything and stuck here with people who don't want me here without any possibility of getting back to Earth.” vented Katie.
Shasta remained
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Sky Centaurs Ch. 3 Going Back
The others galloped off to make arrangements to go back to Alpha Centauri. Katie stood in the great hall looking outside the doors to blue skies among damaged buildings. Trying to take in what was spoken.
“Come, sit with me on the throne.”
“It's ok, I can sit right here.” said Katie as she sat on the ground and took off her backpack to sip from the water-bottle.
“When we lived on Earth, us dragons used to appoint the next rulers of many nations. With our backing, there would be no one who had the might to challenge their leadership. So we looked for the most virtuous, the most calm, wise, and considerate to lead their clans to growth in peaceful times. To sit with me, is to accept my choice.”
“Oh. Me?”
“Yes. You coming here 15 years ago was an accident that only someone like you could have made. You found the tree and ate the fruit.”
Zan moved to rub his side against Katie like a cat to comfort her. Coiling around and around u
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Sky Centaurs Chapter 8 Incoming
Feeling uncomfortable with this, she wanted to talk to Petal, Batya, and Baku about it. She wanted to know what else they weren't telling her. For several days, she could not find them. She went to every corner of the plateau she knew about. From tower guards to food vendors nobody there could or would tell her anything. She did not want to come off as pushy as she suspected everyone holding out on her.
Frustrated she sat alone in the plaza drinking her tea.
“There you are! It was so hard looking for you! What you call a wild goose chase.” pipped Shasta cheerfully, “I got something neat for you to try!”
He gave her a device that fitted in her hand.
“We figured out your wireless phone calling device. We strapped relays all over the place. Here, press this button.”
“Hello Katie!”
“Terrific! Can you come over here? We need an extra pair of eyes to look at these numbers. See if anything stands out.” asked a se
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Sky Centaurs Ch. 7 A Day Off
Katie waited in the plaza for Baku to join her as he usually does for breakfast, but this time he didn't come. Not sure what was going on she assumed he finally decided to dump her.
“Well fine then!” she muttered and got up to start the day on her own.
She went for a walk around the training ground to see how everyone was doing. There was only a handful of centaurs trotting around on the tracks.
“Hello! To your left!” some would say as they quickly passed her slow moving form.
There's no point in running, it would be embarrassing to show them how slow she was or how little energy to go the distance she had. 
Coming the opposite way was another young male centaur, but with curly hair. She stared at him trying to recognize his familiar face. He smiled, she smiled back as greeting before passing him. A couple of paces out she started to feel someone next to her. She turned assuming it might be Baku finally joining her. It was the curly haired young male.
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Sky Centaurs Chapter 6 Bonded
“I need to go to the restroom! Sorry! Be right back!!” said Katie as she zipped out of that plaza as quickly as possible to the elevators that led to Zeba's office.
“Zeba! Help me!” said Katie holding out the ceremonial token in front of her as she walked quickly down the hallway to Zeba at her desk.
“Congratulations!” laughed Zeba getting up from her desk. “I had a feeling the two of you would become something eventually. He liked you for so long.”
“You knew?”
“EVERYBODY knew fifteen years ago he had it bad for you. He came to me, asking about you. I told him you had a lot to deal with coming from another planet, being lost here, being so small, not knowing how to get home, back to your herd and who knows what they did to you back on Earth!”
“Why does he even want this?”
Zeba gestured her to the table near the window overlooking the ocean and city. An untouched tray of food was on it. Katie was offered
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Sky Centaurs Ch. 4 Homecoming
Entering the atmosphere of Alpha Centauri, they flew above the white marble skyscrapers of Citadel surrounded by modernized homes and farms. White specks of the tiger-swans patrolled the airspace. A handful flew up to check them out before returning to the lower level of sky.
Far in the distance, coming in fast was a striking black and gold art deco style metropolis with myst and waterfalls cascading from various openings of the rocks. Altiplano also made a fortune and obtained global power as the hub of technological development and trade explained Petal.
Surrounded by all kinds of airships moored to the platforms, they gingerly touched down on a platform jutting out above the green agricultural land below. Centaurs approached to assist them. Katie unhooked herself from Petal and jumped off. Weak and shaky from the long ride, her legs collapsed underneath her. Petal took the heavy helmet off of her. The air was thin but clean. Others helped her back up and undo the bulky flight suit.
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Sky Centaurs Chapter 5 Rituals
“Nobody wants to eat that.”, “That is disgusting.” chattered three young female centaurs nearby as Katie spent an afternoon alone picking out lunch in the plaza.
Everything she touched, the others made a critical comment on. Katie looked at the shopkeeper. The elder centaur simply shrugged. She quickly paid for her selections and left the shop.
The girls followed her out to a seat under the warm noon sun.
“Why are you hear?”
“Haven't you done enough?”
“Go back to your planet!”
She was shocked but not hurt since she was used to people like that not liking her by this age. Glaring at them while getting up to leave the plaza, Katie felt a firm grip on her shoulder.
“She’s not going anywhere!” glared Baku. The girls dispersed quickly after flashing expressions of envy as they leer at Katie and tried to flirt at Baku with their eyes.
“Are you ok? I'm sorry about this.”
“I'm fine. I'm a big girl n
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Sky Centaurs Chapter 2 That Other Place
After a moment of nauseating disembodiment, Katie found herself launched into the chamber that held the portal gate. Face down on the ground, Katie slowly reoriented herself. As she was pushing off the ground she felt hands grab under her upper arm and hoist her back onto her feet.
Explosions rocked the building. Pieces of it falling down on them. They rushed out of the chamber as everything collapsed. Burying the portal gate below a pile of rubble.
“Where is Zan?”
“In another building that holds the leadership’s seat.”
“Follow us!”
Katie did her best to keep up with her now larger centaur friends as they ran through the hallways to find the exit to the building. Petal swopped down to pickup and hoist Katie onto her back. Katie hung on as they galloped through streets strewn with the dead and injured bodies of dragons and centaurs.
She saw the burned wreckage of the once great dragon city with Alpha Centauri hanging in the sky. Funny to think s
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Draw Cheetah revision by Diana-Huang Draw Cheetah revision :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 8 0


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Master Pilot Earhart - Portrait by SandboxAlchemy Master Pilot Earhart - Portrait :iconsandboxalchemy:SandboxAlchemy 4 0 Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lower Bridge by SandboxAlchemy Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lower Bridge :iconsandboxalchemy:SandboxAlchemy 3 0 Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Bridge Platform by SandboxAlchemy Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Bridge Platform :iconsandboxalchemy:SandboxAlchemy 4 0 Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lab Facade A by SandboxAlchemy Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lab Facade A :iconsandboxalchemy:SandboxAlchemy 6 0 Centauress Knight by Blazbaros Centauress Knight :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 615 49 Inktober 2018 #18: Bottle by frankly-art Inktober 2018 #18: Bottle :iconfrankly-art:frankly-art 25 14 Centaur at the Bus Stop by RAM-brandt Centaur at the Bus Stop :iconram-brandt:RAM-brandt 31 6 Inspiration Point by RonTheTurtleman Inspiration Point :iconrontheturtleman:RonTheTurtleman 3 0 Charter Oak School by RonTheTurtleman Charter Oak School :iconrontheturtleman:RonTheTurtleman 3 0 Charter Oak School by RonTheTurtleman Charter Oak School :iconrontheturtleman:RonTheTurtleman 3 0 Charter Oak School by RonTheTurtleman Charter Oak School :iconrontheturtleman:RonTheTurtleman 3 0 Noirtober Day 1 by 47ness Noirtober Day 1 :icon47ness:47ness 99 39 Noirtober Day 5 by 47ness Noirtober Day 5 :icon47ness:47ness 118 33 Speeding Up by MisterKrababbel Speeding Up :iconmisterkrababbel:MisterKrababbel 8 5 Mountain Village by MisterKrababbel Mountain Village :iconmisterkrababbel:MisterKrababbel 38 22



I got an e-mail yesterday. It was written in French by David FullMetalArt  so I had it translated! The internet is an amazing thing! :D

LetterFrench by Diana-Huang
Draw a Scary Fish by Diana-HuangMetal Fish by Diana-Huang


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