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Cooking the Books Bookmark and Mug design by Diana-Huang Cooking the Books Bookmark and Mug design :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 0 2
Intrepids Ch 8 The Table Top Lands
“Wake up! It’s time to climb,” whispered Zeba as the first sun rose.  “This is going to take the whole day.”
   Taking deep breaths, Zeba scaled the sheer cliffs of the table top lands with the sure-footedness and confidence of a mountain goat. She was following a path that Katie cannot see. Once in a while, one of Zeba's four legs would step on a loose rock or trip over a crack but the other three would catch all the weight she carried on her back. Zeba was unbothered and kept going. Katie would get flashes of shock and grip tighter with her thighs when Zeba stumbled. As they went higher, Katie’s fear of heights kicked in as she looked down. Katie's legs felt like jello. The wind chilled the sweat coming off her skin making her cold. She buried her face to calm herself down by not looking anymore.
   “Do you need to rest?” asked Katie as she tried to hide her anxiety as the thinning air made her weaker.
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Draw Basic Muscles for Artists by Diana-Huang Draw Basic Muscles for Artists :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 5 0 Foster Book Cover by Diana-Huang Foster Book Cover :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 3 0 Higher Education Novel Bookcover by Diana-Huang Higher Education Novel Bookcover :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 1 0 Draw Basic Artist Skeleton 2 by Diana-Huang Draw Basic Artist Skeleton 2 :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 0 0 Draw a Human Skeleton by Diana-Huang Draw a Human Skeleton :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 1 0
Sky Centaurs Chapter 16 Gone
Shasta went back to work. Katie quietly examined the latch and pushed against the lid. Ping watched and tried her best to help but was too small, could not breath fire, or even fly yet. Katie hugged and patted her in thanks for the effort.
“What are you going to do with me?"
“I’ll just keep you here for the time being. I’ll figure out what to do with you later.”
“The others will wonder where I am.“
“I doubt they care about you enough to even notice you gone.”
“Baku will come looking for me.”
“That fool, I’ll tell him you decided to end the relationship. Or better yet, you died in a mine collapse, or explosion. He’ll be dumb enough to believe me.”
Katie clutched Ping and laid down on the bottom of the container with her back turned against Shasta to think.
“He isn’t dumb, he’s different, and brave. Braver than most people actually.”
Shasta seethed as he spun the container to
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Sky Centaurs Chapter 15 Little Miracles
“What have we done? When you left, the dragons got a little hostile so some were shot down. One happened to be female with fertile eggs inside. Instead of destroying them, we incubated and hatched them. While small they are harmless. We feed them flops and gowels. Come over here.”
A dozen eggs the size of watermelons sat in an incubation box.
“They take a long time to reach an age when they can lay eggs. We study them. One of them is hatching. Come take a closer look.”
Peering in she saw one of the eggs with a crack growing as it moved side to side. With pieces of the shell pushed aside, enormous luminous eyes paused to focus on Katie.
One of the lab workers opened the incubator and held up the newly hatched blue green dragon as it squirmed around. The dragon reached for Katie even before the lab worker brought it over to her. It wrapped its winged arms around her neck. Katie put her hand under its bottom to lift some of its weight off her neck. Its hot scaly bo
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Sky Centaurs Chapter 14 Hydrocarbons
She stood outside in the hallway of the centaur's room and called Shasta when nobody answered the door.
“We’ve been looking for you! Where did you go?”
“I took a morning walk.”
“Well, meet us at the train station in an hour. Something came up. We had a security breach in one of the other labs. We need to go check them out. I’ll tell you more when we get there.”
“Oh no! Ok, I’ll see you there.” doing her best to sound more concerned.
Katie went down to the lobby and asked the kangalopes for directions back to the train station. They drew a path on one of the brochures that had a map of the city.
With map in hand she headed out the door. She walked to the city plaza where the market festival had already started.
Creatures from all over the planet were buying and selling all kinds of things including creatures. Katie bought breakfast from a cart and ate it while meandering through the booths. She saw creatures leashed and c
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Idioms with Idiots Last Drawing by Diana-Huang Idioms with Idiots Last Drawing :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 2 1 Ezekiels Brain book cover WIP by Diana-Huang Ezekiels Brain book cover WIP :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 0 0 Draw Weapons by Diana-Huang Draw Weapons :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 6 2 Draw Rabbits Condensed by Diana-Huang Draw Rabbits Condensed :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 3 0
Sky Centaurs Chapter 13 Apologies
She meandered her way to the city park plaza. She sat on a concrete bench, watching creatures play on the grass, jog on paths, and play in the lake.
“For you, rider of dragons and slayer of the Gowels.” said a hedgehog vendor handing her a flower.
“Thank you.” said Katie
Her communication device beeped. Hesitating, she let it beep until silence. It beeped three times before she accepted.
“What do you want?”
“Look, I'm really sorry about what happened earlier. I'll make it up to you. It's getting late and you need a place to stay. Arrangements were already made for all of us. Meet us at The Purtle Hotel for dinner, ok? Please!”
Looking up at the darkening sky she sighed, “Fine, I'll see you there.”
After asking the hedgehog for directions she set off for the hotel. It was pass the city library, turn left and right from the bank and other office buildings. Along the way she asked for help, some willingly helped her while others
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Sky Centaurs Chapter 12 Tourist
“Here, wear this.” said Shasta putting a metal tag around her neck with a (design symbol of Altiplano later) branded into it. “It’s to let people know you are the property of Altiplano. All kinds of small creatures are bought and sold now. This will ensure that you are not taken against your will, its important to indicate who is owner and who is property.”
Katie willingly wore the tag before walking out of the research building with Shasta holding her wrist. Back out on the streets of Citadel, large and small creatures passed by without noticing her.
She could smell the delicious aroma of cooked food before she could see the street holding all the places to eat. There were restaurants and carts dedicated to the cooking of flops among them: Flop Bites, Flop on a Stick, Flip Flop Burgers. There were furless brown round things that were enormous flops turning on a fiery spit. The smells were familiar to all the meat based foods she had at Altiplano. S
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BETA TEST: DeviantArt Eclipse

As you may know, DeviantArt has been long working on a big update of our site and overall user experience. It’s been over a year of brainstorms, planning, research, interviews, testing, and more, and now we’re gearing up for a full Eclipse!

The time has finally come: we’re excited to announce DeviantArt Eclipse to beta testers. Take a look at the new design and some of the new features on our promo site. How To Try DeviantArt Eclipse

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We are still working on the favouriting and collecting experience. Please share your feedback!It’s not yet possible to include Literature and Journal thumbs in comments or galleries within Journals.Icon codes are in development.Sharing a thumbnail in a Journal or comment using a link (or :thumb: code) is not yet possible.Thumbnails of pixel art, stamps, and small images have some display issues. Literature thumbs do not include preview text.Various feedback notifications (such as certain types of replies and deviation mentions) are not yet completed and may display as an error.Feedback will sometimes get out of order after scrolling through many notifications.Minor formatting issues in new Journal text editor.Bio and personal information are not yet editable on Eclipse.Gallery Subfolders and Gallery Stats will be temporarily unavailable as we rebuild them in the future.The mobile web version is not yet available.Comment permalinks don't include links to the original content or parent comment. Submitting Journals to Groups is not yet possible. While creating or editing Commissions, the Points-currency conversion is not being calculated properly. (This is just a visual bug; the price of Points is not changing.)

Questions on certain Eclipse features? Feel free to check out our Knowledge Base for more information.

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Master Pilot Earhart - Portrait by SandboxAlchemy Master Pilot Earhart - Portrait :iconsandboxalchemy:SandboxAlchemy 7 0 Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lower Bridge by SandboxAlchemy Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lower Bridge :iconsandboxalchemy:SandboxAlchemy 3 0 Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Bridge Platform by SandboxAlchemy Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Bridge Platform :iconsandboxalchemy:SandboxAlchemy 4 0 Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lab Facade A by SandboxAlchemy Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lab Facade A :iconsandboxalchemy:SandboxAlchemy 6 0 Centauress Knight by Blazbaros Centauress Knight :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 659 49 Inktober 2018 #18: Bottle by frankly-art Inktober 2018 #18: Bottle :iconfrankly-art:frankly-art 31 17 Centaur at the Bus Stop by RAM-brandt Centaur at the Bus Stop :iconram-brandt:RAM-brandt 35 8 Inspiration Point by RonTheTurtleman Inspiration Point :iconrontheturtleman:RonTheTurtleman 3 0 Charter Oak School by RonTheTurtleman Charter Oak School :iconrontheturtleman:RonTheTurtleman 3 0 Charter Oak School by RonTheTurtleman Charter Oak School :iconrontheturtleman:RonTheTurtleman 3 0 Charter Oak School by RonTheTurtleman Charter Oak School :iconrontheturtleman:RonTheTurtleman 3 0 Noirtober Day 1 by 47ness Noirtober Day 1 :icon47ness:47ness 109 42 Noirtober Day 5 by 47ness Noirtober Day 5 :icon47ness:47ness 122 36 Speeding Up by MisterKrababbel Speeding Up :iconmisterkrababbel:MisterKrababbel 8 5 Mountain Village by MisterKrababbel Mountain Village :iconmisterkrababbel:MisterKrababbel 39 22



:bulletblue: 32 drawings and a whole year later, the idioms book I've been working on is done. The official Lulu product page is up, check it out. I am a dummy! I think I've fainted. 

:new: :bulletblue: Here is the Amazon Kindle digital version ->…


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