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May 8, 2005
I remember trying to draw little cartoon characters with MSPaint... it never quite worked out. The skill and detail in powerdraw by ~Diamonster shows just how talented and devoted this artist is!
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ms paint for you
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ishidex2's avatar
m8 this is insane
Jahus's avatar
Funny how no one is questioning that "fact".
Landscape with MS Paint by renjithdotnet

When I tried to draw landscape with MS-Paint  :-)
ishidex2's avatar
still nice, but shading is a bit off, seems like you didn't decide where are the light source is.
Jennyliino's avatar
JoshuaLim007's avatar
I believe this done Ms paint but then edited in some other programs​ because the cloud and the water reflection looks rlly good and doesn't seem like it could be done in ms paint. Although I can be wrong.
colossalartnerp's avatar
to do this with ms paint..... you have the patience of a god
anonovice's avatar
J-Mace's avatar
This was done in MS Paint? My God...
SebaKnight1's avatar
Woah, if only I can learn how to use ms paint like that!
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M S  P A I N T
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Sizarus's avatar
Is there no end to the Jobzons'? You are literally everywhere. I hope you're proud.
flabbergastingdragon's avatar
nice. now pick up a pencil
Lord-Hillsworth's avatar
Very interesting and spectacular to look at. I like the river and you have amazing talent. Is this a based on IRL place like Venice or someone in Holland? Just wanting to know but it's very cool and amazing!!!!!!!!:)
cross881's avatar
I think is Punda in Curaçao
CauseNPC's avatar
Nice Art work.
alliasAlpaca's avatar
Wow i thought that was a photograph until i realised it was pixel art
Sel-Diora's avatar
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