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Stein Zupancic Viking STOCK 03

By DiamonEyes
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Need a rough, buff, Viking-lookin dude with a sexy smile for your next project? Then consider checking out this raw version of Stein Zupancic's "Born For Porn."

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:Rules for Using:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:star: Please let me know that you'd like to use this image beforehand.
:star: Please credit Stein Zupancic and myself for the image stock.
:star: Please do not use for any hate-supporting topics/inappropriate imagery. If you have any questions on whether your project falls in those lines and want to seek permission, feel free to note me and I'll see what I can do to help :D
:star: Let me see the final product! :woohoo:
:star: And most importantly, HAVE FUN USING IT!!! :iconheadbang1plz:

My Completed Version:

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© 2012 - 2020 DiamonEyes
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QueenCordite Digital Artist
I would love to use this as a drawing reference :D
GEPENDRAGONProfessional Digital Artist
As you well know, lol... Stein, from his modeling sessions is now Björn Ironside! :D Thank you so much for providing and sharing your wonderful stocks with us and, again, as you know, you can see it and him featured here >>>> Bjorn Ironside-The Sack of Luna by Pendragon-Arts
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joel-lawless-ormsbyHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there, I used this stock here: joel-lawless-ormsby.deviantart…
Sorry if I didn't realize you need consulting first. Please let me know if you want me to remove this artwork. 
Thanks, from a fellow stock contributor. 
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Thank ya so much for letting me see it!!!:iconbadassplz:
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SurrealGrotesque77Student Artist
would love to use this in my magazine.
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REALLY? Note me about it and I'll discuss it. :)
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Cool !! Thanks for sharing as stock.
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You're welcome! And Feel free to use it as ya wish :iconbadassplz:
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Thank you that I may use your stock. I am going to use photo 01 instead 03 if that's Ok ?
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still one of the hottest guys i've seen
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MahafsounProfessional General Artist
Awesome, awesome! :D
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Thank you so much!! :woohoo: He's such a great subject that I felt it would be cool to see others use his image. So I posted this Raw stock version for the public to use :D
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PepstarsWorldProfessional Traditional Artist
Incredibly intense! Boom-shaka-laka! D:
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:rofl: Well he IS a kinda "Sex Icon" here on Deviantart. :iconcoolsmileplz: Make sure to see the refined version right here: [link]
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PepstarsWorldProfessional Traditional Artist
LOL! So I've noticed ;) I don't believe there is any version that can go unnoticed. He's like a DeviantArt God. :D
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:iconlolgirlplz: I have to agree with that statement :D
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Melanie-Howle-HHobbyist General Artist
sent a few pics into stock at :iconwhats-the-piont: make sure your a member and send in the rest :iconkissmote:
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OH COOL! I just sent ya an invite to my new super group too :iconsomnambulist-aisle:. Party it up with us! We're all about having fun and joking around. :D:iconheadbang1plz:
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Melanie-Howle-HHobbyist General Artist
Thanks again sweets :blackrose:
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devilman2465Hobbyist General Artist
His eyes just blow me away!
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