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Pumped Up Demon Muscles

I really ended up liking this session and don't understand how I missed so many from it. Here we have everyone's favorite Tattooed Dude showing off his 16.5 inch arms. He's not even fully pumped so I'll have to shoot his when he is one day to REALLY show his size. If he were shorter (he's quite tall) I bet he'd look even bigger, he's still working on them :strong: Hope you all like this one, I'll be posting another from this session soon enough :iconyesyesyesplz: We also tried to emulate the Kodak Tri-X 400, pushed for the 35mm look :camera: We were pleased.

Model: Stein Zupancic :iconsteinzupancic:
Photo by: you truly :icondiamoneyes:
Camera: Canon EOS 6D [emulating pushed 35mm Kodak Tri-x 400]
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you and the tatoo...arwwwI think I've fainted. 
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Thank you!! But this is not me in the photo. This is Stein Zupancic posing for the shot :camera:
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OMFG!Oops! his eyes! what color they should be appeared in colored version? honey amber? calf brown? electric blue? stormy gray? hazel green? or azure , my favorite sacred eyes' color?
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He's got the Honey Colored eyes :nod:
AdhityaRasmi's avatar
OMG! just like Hazel Levesque from Percy Jackson's Heroes of Olympus novel. Honey amber, very sweet! seems that i want that eyes too. :o (Eek) maybe via soft lens. heheheh! thx! 
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Really nice tattoo!
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I think he's got great tattoos too. I'll let him know you think so too :D
:iconangrysteinplz::iconsaysplz:thank you!
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Wow amazing and love the tats! 
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Yup! He's known for his physique (specifically his arms) and his amazing ink work :iconbadassplz:
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Ooh. OwO Me likey.
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He's a buff stud for sure.
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It's outstanding how the photographer captured the contrast ratio in this beautiful image. And my hat is off to you for a great pose!
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Thank you very much! Yeah is one HUGE man, and loves to show em off as much as he possibly can. Also, yes, the ink-work is GREAT! :iconbadassplz::iconbirdisthewordplz:
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Happy to see Stein is getting back to full health :nuu:
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Same here! :strong: And hELLLLLLOOOO my dear!!! :iconkissmote:
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I've been hit or miss on DA. Between moving, getting ready for vacation and leaving for 11 days it has been difficult to stay up-to-date on DA! Always so much to do.... so little time.....
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I totally understand. I can't wait to take my next vacation too :woohoo:
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Absolutely gorgeous demon
I love your ink /\^^^/\
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