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Name: Nightlock
Meaning of name: Deadly berry
Nickname: Night
Sex: Male
Rank: Knight
Age: 12
Eye colour: Green
Family situation: --
Favourite thing: Hiking
Favourite dragon: Nightshade
Weakness: Losing Nightshade
Strengths: Hunting, leafspeak
Spouse: Nightshade
Personality: Cold, secretive, silent, but deep inside loves Nightshade dearly
Backstory: Nightlock was raised in Pantala for his first seven years and flew away to Pyrrhia when he had developed strong wings. He landed on the rainforest, where Queen Glory cornered him and took him to trial. After two years of careful observation, he was accepted into the community. A year later he was arranged marriage with Nightshade, she hesitated but accepted gladly after four weeks with Nightlock's company. Parents are unknown

Yes, I named him after the berries in the Hunger Games.
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