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Every empath character I've ever seen in any piece of fiction has always been kind, gentle, caring and very understanding. And I'm talking fictional, magic empaths that are psychic or something. Typically soft spoken and usually a woman, too. The reason for this seems obvious enough: Being able to feel what other people feel directly would make someone pretty understanding, right? But I mean, not necessarily? And the same stock empath character over and over again is rather boring, really. 

What about an asshole empath? A person who can quite literally feel what you're feeling, and yet still doesn't give a fuck about your feelings. Maybe someone who is an asshole specifically because they're an empath. They're tired of having to go through everyone else's moods, bad or otherwise. In fact, if you have a bad mood around them, maybe they'll just chew you out. "Hey, go have a bad day somewhere else, asshole!"
I bet it'd make them a really solitary person. Also I feel like if someone in a good mood was around them while they were really irritated, the sudden happiness they'd feel would just piss them off more. Conflicted feelings, ahoy! What a nightmare.

Has this been done before? BRB, making a new character.

"Don't take that tone of mood with me, pal."
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December 4, 2017


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