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And April Fools! Hope it's a nice day for everyone.

You may have noticed I haven't posted anything in a few months. I have been drawing, just haven't really finished anything. Sorry about the lack of content.
Thank you :iconandibi: for the tag!

1. Post the rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators.

This one is about Acer!

Acer by diamondtapir
Please do not mind the kinda old picture. 

1.  Acer is actually more or less the first anthro character I made, and I created her back in 2012. So she's a character that's about six years old now. Her design has changed a little since then, but not by a whole lot.

2.  Although she's one to fake bravado, as her appearance allows her to seem menacing and that sometimes helps out in a pinch, Acer is actually very shy. She has a nervous disposition, especially when interacting with strangers, and her voice scarcely raises above a whisper.

3.  Despite what is typical for most shy characters, Acer isn't always the nicest person around. It's not unusual for her to be irritable and she tends to snap at those she isn't all that warmed up too. Sometimes it isn't always noticeable due to how soft spoken and quiet she is, but she tends to be unfriendly to strangers due to her anxiety of meeting them. She's pretty pleasant to her friends and family, however.

4.  She's incredibly paranoid and easily spooked. Unfortunately, this is paired with a morbid curiosity. She loves horror and spooky things, yet she does not react to those things well at all. She often convinces herself, "I won't get scared" and inevitably ends up loosing sleep for a couple days. Also her irritability and lack of courtesy is a lot worse when she's nervous.

5.  Acer is actually fairly strong, though this is mostly due to her species' inherent strengths rather than optimal health or anything like that. She doesn't really use it for anything than making herself seem scarier than she really is, as she isn't really into sports or all that jazz. 

6. Tying into her inability to stomach anything remotely spooky, Acer is pretty naive, or at least has trouble convincing herself that things that are likely fictional aren't real. You could tell her most anything and she'd probably believe it with minimal questioning. She's fairly superstitious and easily falls for a story, even if it is sensational or fantastical. 

7.  In fact, when I really think of it, Acer isn't really the brightest person around. Bookwise she is average when it comes to knowing anything that'd be taught in school, but street wise she is a mess. She is one of those people where common sense isn't always so common. Not to say she is stupid period, since intelligence really doesn't work that way. She just isn't always so sharp when it comes to many common situations, is all.

8. It's actually pretty hard to get her angry, like genuinely enraged, despite her tendency towards irritability. When someone wrongs her, she's one to back off or just... Accept it. She's not used to standing up for herself. But if you do manage make her angry, it tends to be explosive and kinda scary. She definitely screams about it, for one. 

Well... I don't have anyone to tag on this site anymore. So, that's all for folks. If you come across this and want to do it yourself, go on right ahead.
It's 2018! At least where I am it is. How do you all feel about this new year?
And a happy New Year! How was it for everyone?

Edit: Oh my god, Petscop just updated. It's a Christmas miracle.
Wow. I am really impressed. I was prepared to be disappointed, considering how the last movie was, but everything went better than expected. I mean, really, there were so many things this movie could have done wrong but it didn't and I am so relieved. 

Personally, I'm not even sure what the criticisms are but I do know a lot of people don't like this new movie for some reason. I'm kinda confused as to why. I thought it was a Star Wars movie that not only felt like an original trilogy movie, but was fantastic. 

Of course, the Reylos are back at their nonsense again, though. It kinda makes me wonder if we all saw the same movie.  

Edit: There's a lot of characterization problems in this movie, in hindsight. It has a ton of problems, but I still like it.
If anyone is reading this, what is your favorite Christmas movie? Mine is Scrooge, the musical with Albert Finny as Ebeneezer Scrooge!
Every empath character I've ever seen in any piece of fiction has always been kind, gentle, caring and very understanding. And I'm talking fictional, magic empaths that are psychic or something. Typically soft spoken and usually a woman, too. The reason for this seems obvious enough: Being able to feel what other people feel directly would make someone pretty understanding, right? But I mean, not necessarily? And the same stock empath character over and over again is rather boring, really. 

What about an asshole empath? A person who can quite literally feel what you're feeling, and yet still doesn't give a fuck about your feelings. Maybe someone who is an asshole specifically because they're an empath. They're tired of having to go through everyone else's moods, bad or otherwise. In fact, if you have a bad mood around them, maybe they'll just chew you out. "Hey, go have a bad day somewhere else, asshole!"
I bet it'd make them a really solitary person. Also I feel like if someone in a good mood was around them while they were really irritated, the sudden happiness they'd feel would just piss them off more. Conflicted feelings, ahoy! What a nightmare.

Has this been done before? BRB, making a new character.

"Don't take that tone of mood with me, pal."
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it! I know there's only nine of you, but it's still nice to say it.