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Of You Eating a Sandwich
You do not see her, but she is there.
She's been there for hours, watching you from the living room, the light of her eyes only managing to poke tiny holes into the darkness. Her roots protrude into the walls and creep, forming an odd garland of tendrils that flow and ebb into the air. There is a wrongness in the atmosphere that splits reality into pieces like shards of a shattered mirror, and sometimes the reflections of things that aren't there become visible for brief moments as they catch in the light from your kitchen.
She stays away from the light, waiting for you to come out. Her teeth chatter strangely within her jaws, causing faint cracking noises which you do not hear. She snarls and the universe responds to the noise like a disturbed body of water, sending ripples out into deep space.
But your house remains still, and you do not notice.
You emerge from the kitchen with a sandwich, ready to make your way to your bedroom. Her snarl turns into a deafening screech as you enter t
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Zabeu by diamondtapir Zabeu :icondiamondtapir:diamondtapir 5 6 Whatever by diamondtapir Whatever :icondiamondtapir:diamondtapir 1 2 The many faces of Zeetee by diamondtapir The many faces of Zeetee :icondiamondtapir:diamondtapir 8 5 Zeetee by diamondtapir Zeetee :icondiamondtapir:diamondtapir 4 2 Pamela by diamondtapir
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Pamela :icondiamondtapir:diamondtapir 2 54
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And April Fools! Hope it's a nice day for everyone.

You may have noticed I haven't posted anything in a few months. I have been drawing, just haven't really finished anything. Sorry about the lack of content.


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United States
20 year old artist for fun

they/them by pulsebomb/ HE Pronouns Stamp (blue) by oceanstamps

You may use either or. Just please be respectful.

Disclaimer: Favorites folders can include unfiltered suggestive/NSFW art. I believe these artist should filter their work, and so I provide fair warning so no one is taken surprise.


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AlfredBeilschmidt Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HIIIIIEEEEEEEHHHHHHH its me that girl that you called messed up do you remember ???
diamondtapir Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018
Oh looks it's the person who likes Nazi stuff to an unnerving degree 
Are you gonna try to call me out for saying your Nazi fixation is bad
AlfredBeilschmidt Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just want to say that i like you're stuff
diamondtapir Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2018
Well, thanks. You should probably stop engaging in your interest in WW2 history like THAT, though. Like I said, there are plenty of people who have a healthy interest in WW2 history that don't romanticize Nazi imagery. I figure you're young, but this is really serious. Like, seriously bad. And it could get you a lot of trouble. People rightfully hate Nazis and will approach them with violence and offense. You even mentioned to me when I asked you if you were a Nazi that people mistake you for one a lot. If I did not suspect you were a kid, there would be no niceties here, regardless if you say you're not a Nazi or not. I would not care, I would not bother to explain anything and I would proceed to insult you because you are still using and creating Nazi imagery. Do you have any concern for who might see your profile, with all the Nazi stuff on it? There are Jewish people on DA. There are POC. There are Romani people. There are LGBT people. There are disabled people. Plenty of the people that the Nazis targeted and still continue to target today use DA, and with Neo Nazis running around and marching on the streets for their hatred of these people, do you think they want to see the stuff on your profile?
And that's the other problem: There are Neo Nazis on DA too. There are plenty of bigoted people too, do you really want to be one of them? Do you want them to see you profile and feel any more validated than they already do seeing as there are freaking children now that like the Nazis as much as they do?

There is nothing wrong with liking WW2 history, but there definitely is something wrong with liking Nazis and being comfortable enough with them to put Swastikas on your profile. This stuff is extremely harmful and antisemitic and not for one second do I think this is healthy. And that's not even touching on the Columbine stuff... The only reason why I take the time to tell you why this is wrong is because you are young and you still have time to learn, but I do not want you to think that just because you are young and I am trying to be patience with you that your age excuses anything. Please think carefully about what you are doing. 
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Andibi Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday!  Hope you have a great one!  Party 
diamondtapir Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018
Waaaah! Oh I'm sorry I didn't reply to this earlier. Thank you! 
Andibi Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No worries -- always a pleasure!  :-)
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