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So 18 months or so since I last wrote a journal, and each time I promise to write more often. I won't promise this time because I won't keep to it. But rest assured I still come here now and then and read your journal and view your deviations.

So BIG news! I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! :love:

Stu and I went to France in August, he took me a Chateau, that was lit by 2000 candles, we drank champagne, and as the sun was setting, we looked over the lake of the gardens to the house, with the house lit up infront of us, he got down on one knee and said "Anna, will you marry me?"

... I was speechless!! Literally! He was holding a BEAUTIFUL Tiffany diamond ring.

Words can't describe....

And ofcourse I said YES!

Afterwards we had dinner in the gardens, and sat watching fireworks as we finished our dessert.

Our wedding date is set for next April :)

Apart from that, we've bought and sold our flat, and we are now buying a house :) We have a little pug, Monty (pics to come) and I'm working for a Wealth Management company, looking after Norwegian clients who have investments with the company products.

PLEASE tell me how you are all doing. I would love to know :)

All my love :blowkiss:


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8 months by Styush
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I really shouldn't leave so long between journal entries, sorry!

Anyway, uni is excellent. I did really well this year, close to the highest marks you can get.

I have a tonne more photos... I should submit, but I'm so lazy.

I had another photograph in an exhibition! Go and see at the Science Museum in London! :w00t:

Going on holiday to Croatia with Stu, Lou and  Una in 3 weeks! :aww:

I hope you all have a lovely summer. and YES I still read all your journals! :)


oo I'm also mostly on Facebook these days (sorry!)!/…
If the link doesn't work search Anna Bithiah

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the only sunlight by Styush
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So Much News... And Christmas Again?

Thu Dec 17, 2009, 3:12 PM

I realised I hadn't written a journal since Feb! I don't know if anyone reads these anymore, but I check dA pretty regularly, just to see whats going on.

Anyway lots has happened this year... I did very well at my first year at uni getting a 2:1 overall! :) I made some amazing new friends too. And someone particularly special.

In August/September me and Sam broke up. I hadn't been all that happy in the relationship for a while and I just didn't feel the same anymore. Unfortunately it all ended rather badly on October, but let's just say I was lucky to get out of the relationship when I did.

Uni this year is going really well too, I've completed a load of modules this semester! I'm also seeing someone, Stuart, who I met at uni. Everything with him is amazing. He's amazing. :aww: He's a bit older than me and has just started his career in the Royal Navy as an aircraft engineer. :) So I really hope things go well.

I feel much happier, and I've also lost a stone in weight! I'm not sure how... :#1: which is even better! But knowing my luck... who knows what the next few months will bring!

I'm so so looking forward to Christmas! :excited: as usual!  

I hope you are all well! I know I don't comment much anymore, but I do read journals and check out deviations!

Much love,



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So Long... [A very quick Edit]

Wed Nov 26, 2008, 8:07 AM


Luckily, or unluckily, I'm ill with flu so
I just went through my messages, over 1000 devs and 800 messages. :phew:
I tried to comment on as much as I could, but I am sorry if I missed any one or anything out!

You know that I think very highly of all the work the people I watch submit! :heart:

All the best!

It's been so long since I wrote a journal or been particularly active here!

How are you all?  :)

I'm at University now, I really love my photography course. On Friday I'm off to photograph a dead body at a funeral directors.

I'm actually really enjoying everything, I joined the equestrian club! :excited: having not ridden in a few years lol, and have been voted student rep!

I feel christmas is upon us once again :holly: I'm already very excited, the little kid inside me is just jumping off the walls!

Thank you also to everyone for the kind feedback on Winter Berries. It's much appreciated! :heart:

All the best to everyone, I'll try and get through journals and devs asap.



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Winter Berries by diamondsTwinkle18


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To Utrecht by couleur New Day by closer-to-heaven :thumb103200217:

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Can Anyone Fucking Explain...

Sun Sep 24, 2006, 2:38 PM

Why there was a frog in my toilet this morning!? :hmm: I actually cannot work out how it got there. Suggestions and comments are most welcome!

So I've been to school every day since the begining of term, which might sound weird, but its an achievement for me! So there, Im proud of myself a little bit.

Just a short journal really, to say that Im still here :) And to find out about the frog, c'mon people!

Love to you all


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A Massive Thanks!

Sun May 14, 2006, 4:57 AM

I would first like to say a huge thanks once again to keiross, Narfmaster and quickdraw for attending our Featured Chat in #EmoteTesting last night! And many thanks to all of those who turned up and put their questions forward! :heart:

You can read the log from the chat Here Huge thanks to sucmfic for taking it! :)

I would also like to thankleaf-lover for co-founding the place with me and all the staff TheTrueDanteSparda and Skyrail

Unfortunately Whimsical-Dreams and CyniSteve couldnt make it, but I want to thank them for their support aswell! :D


Stolen from people. Fill It Out! :#1:

You have a cute______.

You make me _______.

You should _______.

Someday I will ______.

You + me =________.

If I saw you now I'd __________.

I would build a _______ just for you.

I would get your name tattooed on my __________.

If I could sing you any song it would be _________.

We could __________ under the stars.


(P.S. ______________.)

Take Care Everyone!

Anna :rose:

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diamondsTwinkle18 :heart: TheTrueDanteSparda


Sat Oct 15, 2005, 9:07 AM
OMFG!!!!!! The Fashion Show me, (diamondsTwinkle18) cherub-rock25 Spritz182 and sophiecatdoll101 did was a SUCCESS! :party:

It was like :wow: There were loads of people there, sitting and standing :boogie: and it was just so :wow:!!! :excited:

And the PTFA want to fund us to do another, bigger one later in the year! :strip: THATS how good it was!

So thankyou do una soph and lou who are just, THE BEST! We did it MOES! :highfive:

We did the music, scenery, choreography, some modeling and everything ourselves, and all our models (well must of them :shakefist:) were amazing too :D

It was in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness and we raised a ton of money! :thanks: We have all come into contact with cancer at some points in our lives, my aunt died of it, so I'm so happy that we manged to do this and that it was the success that it was :boogie:
I hope the money we raised will go to hope those who desperately need it.

Hehe this sounds cheesy, but thankyou to those that believed we could do this :hug:



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Ok, new club/room/randomness!!!

Its MoePieCheeseSteak to join, add him to your friends list and he will add you back, and you will be made a member. :boogie:

We also have a room - MoePieCheeseSteak, there u will also be made a member.

The meaning of the room is to have fun. Me and/or cherub-rock25 are the co-founders, and we will be in there all the time if u want to talk to us!

Its the moest moe club of all time! :D Thanks to tin-can-man and Bedlam-baby for helping is to create it and supporting us!


:shakefist: we need a steak emote lol, and a stamp and avi, so if u wanna help just help :giggle:

There will be random comps, with random prizes to be won :eyes:

Anyway :heart: and take care all!


Life and school and pills

Mon Sep 5, 2005, 8:50 AM
Ok, well school starts on thursday ....not sure how i feel about that. Kinda nervous i guess, i dont want a repeat of the last 3 years.

And i have also made an important decision: Im gunna start taking my pills again. For the last 5 weeks i quit to see how i could manage without them, and the result - BAD!

Iv slowly seemed to dip back down and the last few days iv been all over the place with my emotions. SO i think its best i start the pills again, especially for school.

I think i might take a break in London this weekend or the next, depending on train prices and stuff, i just need to get away from Newcastle for a bit.

Anyway, thankyou to the people who made this holiday wonderful, you know who u are, and if u dont, ask ;p

I :heart: u all :D


Ok, I HATE COMPUTERS! :pissedoff:

There was a thunderstorm yesterday :excited: but i think it broke my internet conection :¦

So i have no interent! :cries: so im at the library now :paranoid: and its too quiet for my liking.
So i might not be on for a few days, so send me lots of comments!! :D

Also, i made a to do list :

1) Kill interent company :fork:
2) Threaten T-Mobile again :threaten:
3) Work on some devs
4) Read about computers so i can take over the worlf and there will never be computer trouble again :plotting: :evillaugh:
5) Learn how to spell 'world' :slow:

I :heart: u all and i really miss u guys on dA!

Take care and hope to see u all soon!


ps. The santa :santa: and the monkey are doing it :hump: on your leg :nod:…

:faint: I got my exam results today! :omg:


OK, i also got :

A History
B- Science
B french
B Maths
C Spanish

And D for art!:( Ah well

A big :w00t: for my friends too, who did AMaZING!

Im actually quite proud, i missed one whole yeah of skool and 1/3rd of the last two years lol

LOVE U ALL! :love:


PS. The santa and the monkey are doing it on your leg :nod:
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I feel so sick, I dont want tomorrow to come

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Quiz Stolen from Dareams

First car: dont got one :(
First real kiss: when i was ...14? god thats old
First break-up: james, when i was 6
First screen name: DiamondsTwinkle
First self purchased album: what does that mean...
First funeral: my dads when i was 11, no! my grandads when i was 9, well my ninth birthday
First pets:
First piercing/tattoo: 11, 2 holes in each ear
First credit card: dont have one
First true love: never been in love
First enemy: My neighbour and the cat
First big trip: Probably mexico
First music you remember hearing in your house: the music that the people with trumpets outside were playing
Last car ride: This morning to the bank
Last kiss: like a month ago! i feel deprived :(
Last good cry: Last night
Last library book checked out: Life of Pi
Last movie seen: Titanic
Last beverage drank: water
Last food consumed: bolle
Last crush: define crush
Last phone call: my mum when i was having a panick attack
Last time showered: last night
Last shoes worn: my vans
Last item bought: flowers for a friend
Last annoyance: the weather, and myself
Last time wanting to die: about 2 hours ago
Last time scolded: yesterday

r e l a t i o n s h i p s

01. who are your best friends?: una soph and lou
02. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no :tears:
f a s h i o n | s t u f f

01. where is your favorite place to shop? Wheels and DollBaby
02. any tattoos or piercings? two in each ear
s p e c i f i c s

01. do you do drugs?: not all the time
02. what kind of shampoo do you use? Umberto Gianini
03. what are you most scared of?: Dying, losing the people i love
04. what are you listening to right now?: The sound of the rain...
05. where do you want to get married?: On my island in Norway, and before you ask, yes i own an island
06. how many buddies are online right now?: none, my aim and msn arent open
07. what would you change about yourself?: Everything, cept my breasts lol
f a v o u r i t e s

01. color: Purple or green
02. food: Choclate
03. boys' names: Martin
04. girls' names: Juliet, Rose
05. subjects in school: English
06. animals: Horses, dogs, duckbilled platapus
07. sport: the kind where i can sit on the sofa
08. perfume: Ralph Lauren, they are all good
09. cologne: Diesel + +
h a v e | y o u | e v e r

01. given anyone a bath?: no.... but that cud be interesting
02.done any drugs?: er.......
03. bungee jumped?: sadly no
04. made yourself throw up?: yea
05. skinny dipped?: no but i wud LOVE to
06: been in love?: no
07. made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: no
08. pictured your crush naked?:
09. actually seen your crush naked?:
10. cried when someone died?: yes, im still crying
11. lied?: yer
12. fallen for your best friend?: nope
13. been rejected?: no
14. rejected someone?: yes and im sorry i never meant to hurt them
15. used someone?: no! well maybe
16. done something you regret? yes!!

c u r r e n t

clothes: Bench jeans and black hoodie (im going casual) do u want underwear too? coz its a g-string and bra
music: none
make-up: black eyeliner
annoyance: aeroplanes
smell: i smell of flowers if that counts?
favorite artist: this amazing guy who i cant remember the name of!
desktop picture: autum
cd in player: Sublime
dvd in player: blackadder
color of toenails: one of them is pink, the rest are natural

l a s t | p e r s o n

you touched: me, that sounds so wrong
hugged: my grandad

w h o | d o | y o u | w a n n a

kill: myself
slap: no one i dont think...
look like: anyone but me
talk to offline: no one
talk to online: alanni
r a n d o m

in the morning i am: tired and grumpy and hungry
all i need is: love, lol
what do you notice first: Eyes and personality
person you danced with: my dog, i dance with her
who makes you laugh the most: dunno...?
who makes you smile: My friends
who do you have a crush on?: crush?

Goodnight all!
wow i write a lot in this think!! probably coz im bored.... anyhoo, i going dans la ville today wiv una (cherub-rock25) and il prbs spend all my money like i usually do, mostly on crap aswell heehee.
And im not dressed yet coz i just got up, so i better go put some clothes on! hehe.
do you ever just feel like you are just never good enough? like u never get what you want?
People say i am spoilt but how can i be when everything and everyone that i want i never get.
Someone else always has them, someone who is better than me has them, someone who is prettier than me, nicer than me, everything that im not.
Why is that?

I doubt myself sometimes, i know there are people who love me and i love them, but when theres no one that loves u in that way, u feel like something is missing. And when you think you found that person that can love u in that way, someone else has them.

Its hard, but i have to live with it.