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:icondiamondscar:Diamondscar posted a status
OH MY GOOOOD LOOK HOW OLD ALL THIS STUFF IS. It's been a long freaking time since I used this account for anything that isn't makeshift image hosting or crappy recolors. And by "it's been a long freaking time" I mean it's basically never been used for anything other than that and oh my god I need to start uploading actual art. Never fear, I actually took up doodling for the first time a few months ago and I've come quite a way from drawing crappy stick figures (now I can draw crappy stick animals too)! Anyway I do most of my art on paper since drawing tablets cost ballstastic amounts of money so my first couple of uploads will probably be crappy pictures taken of filthy, off-center papers and I apologize in advance for that. Please keep in mind that I am incredibly new to art so my stuff is going to be very, very amateur. Advice and pointers are always welcome (but don't be too harsh 'cause my fragile ego can't handle hardcore criticism). That's all for now I guess. See ya whenever I get around to posting something. :)

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Diamondscar Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha wow I just looked back at some of my older posts. Never before have I wanted to reach back in time and smack myself so badly.
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