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Anime Geisha

There's a lovely scene in the film adaptation of Memoirs of Geisha, where Hatsumomo leans in the doorway with her kimono falling on one shoulder, no make up on, and all her hair down. Now, this would be impossible in real life as a geisha's hairstyle takes hours to wax into place, and could not simply be unpinned and let loose, but I liked the image, even if it is purely Hollywood.

This drawing was going to be something else entirely when I started out, and I'm still not sure where the geisha idea eventually came from. The book, Memoirs was something I read a lot when I was 16, 17, and I always loved the idea of being a geisha. To be entirely focused on being a creature of beauty in a world that is often very ugly... There are many aspects of the geisha that I try to keep in my life. Such small things as never being too busy to massage the shoulders of the guy who's been at work all day while you were at home... One of the nicer memories I have of Michigan was Opie falling asleep while I battled to play Toshiro Masuda's Sadness and Sorrow on a wooden flute, hehe. I personally thought I was destroying the song, but I guess it relaxed him somewhat :)

Some random thoughts there, anyways.

This was done in MSPaint, as usual. I'm really out of practice, so it's not my best work, but I still like it. I'm kind of proud of the kimono, inspired by the kimono Sayuri wears in Chapter 18 of Memoirs. I wish I had a better program, Photoshop or something, so I could really get some better detailing on the kimono patterning, but for Paint, I think I did a pretty good job otherwise. The girl's eyes are blue, as that was the feature Sayuri was most famous for in Kyoto - having blue-grey eyes. I probably could have done them much paler, but decided in the end that I preferred the contrast between the bright red and blue.
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Once again I am stunned by how well you translated a line drawing into something this professional-looking :-) It's gorgeous. And I think her eyes are perfect.

My favourite part, though? The things (don't know the proper term) she's wearing under her kimono, with the light mottling :-) Me like.
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Well, I do not consider this particularly proffesional looking... Although compared to regular once-a-week anime such as Pokémon, I think it holds it's own.

I'm glad you like it, anywho ^^ Thanks for the comment!
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Looks far better than anything I could drag out, let's put it that way :-)