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[#onlyingotham] jason todd.

robin!jason todd/reader
i made him robin so it fiTS UR AGE DiamondMusicNotes 

'Oh fucking boy,' You think, fear clutching at your gut, 'I can see the headlines tomorrow. Gotham Teen Gets Stabbed To Death After Run In With Mugger.'
But with Gotham, and with the Joker on the loose, you'd be lucky to make it into the back page. Stabbings should not be this common, but yet here you are, proving it to yourself. And- oh fuck, you managed to make eye contact with the shady dude holding a knife-
You hightail it as fast as you can and in the other direction, but your assailant is bigger, more athletic, has a weird beard like he was trying to copy the one Bruce Wayne had a few months ago, and smelt like cheap booze. He's managed slam you into a wall, luckily onto your side and it doesn't hurt that much, a hand around your throat and a knife against your cheek.
"Money or
:iconreadyaimfireaway:readyaimfireaway 19 1
[from one comet to another]

this is just half written lines of poetry..,

forgive me i just want to get some shit off my chest.

i. if i had to pick, i think it would be your eyes

loving someone else would be easier:
not because you are hard to
but rather because there are too many things
to fall in love with
with you
(how am i supposed to pick one?)

ii. i've figured out who i want you to be, though

you are many things to me-
maybe that's why you mean the most.

iii. a poem best served with the smashing of piano keys

a haiku about when i figured my friend liked you:


iv. i can't seem to let go of my one liners
that was sometime a
:iconreadyaimfireaway:readyaimfireaway 28 13
half dead. | collegeau! garou x reader
Two words. Finals week. A week that every college student dreaded, pulled all-nighters, crammed like crazy and procrastinated like no tomorrow. So instead of stressing yourself out until the point of insanity, you and your friends had situated yourselves in the back of the library where it was less populated. Snacks and drinks were passed as you all studied and tested yourselves with mini quizzes and flashcards. As you switched the lamp in the middle of the table on, you had looked at the table beside yours, a male with odd spiky white hair had looked like he was going to doze off any moment now. You smiled to yourself as you fished your tote bag for your Red Bull.
"Excuse me," You spoke up and his whole body jolted in one frantic motion as he stared at you wide eyed and your heart fluttered for a moment. Damn, he was really attractive. You bit back a small giggle that awaited to bubble from your throat. "Would you like this Red Bull? You look half dead and I'm sure it would really wak
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 49 7
[feelings] oikawa tooru.

oikawa tooru/reader
reader+oiks is about 22-25 in the space this fic goes on!
au of sorts?
You meet Oikawa in university, when you're studying sports sciences. You frequent seeing him in the astronomy section of the library, and even more so during joint volleyball training. 
The training between the boys and girls volleyball teams were, to say the least, emotionally jarring. The boys found out Reiji-san was ten times more terrifying than their own coach: Sunakawa-san was more of the gruelling punishment type than Reiji-san's gruelling everything.
Oikawa pulls you aside one day, and it's the first time you actually talk to him.
"You're captain, right?"
"Vice," You reply, taking a swig from your water bottle. "What's up?"
"Isn't your coach a little scary?"
You burst out laughing. "Reiji-san? Sure, her trainings are more like the army, but she wouldn't hurt a fly! She's got a heart of gold, you know."
"Ah," Oikawa
:iconreadyaimfireaway:readyaimfireaway 197 62
ishida sui please answer
i only got three hours sleep and im so hungory i'll probably eat my dog in a minute but lets get down to business. why we're all here . 
Can Ghouls Eat Ass . 
this a question thats been weighing on my mind for the past few hours that i would like an answer to . let me elaborate . 
would ghouls in fact, ENJOY partaking in ass-eating because they enjoy the tastes of humans ?? how far does this taste factor go ? would a greasy neckbeard fedora who hasnt washed his ass in 12 years still taste good to them ??? blood clearly seems to taste good to ghouls - but what about spit ??? wat about piss ??? cum ???? they like that, too ??? FECES ?!!?@? i gotta stop for a mintue im sorry
ok im back
imagine if u were datin a ghoul and u was talkin dirty to them like "i want u to eat dis pussy boi" and theyre like "Fucke The Hell YEHA" would they literally eat u pusspuss ??? cause of death: got her pusspuss ate by Casper The Friendly Cunnilingus Ghoul whatever the fuck ???? can i get some
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 4 23
honestly. [bokuto koutarou.]

bokuto koutarou/reader

title: letters
written: xx/mm/yy
author: koutarowl
(Full Name)-
Today, I got to ask you out!! There's nothing I can compare my feelings to, really! It was amazing to hear you say yes, and tomorrow, I'll get to go out with you, just the two of us, like I've always wanted!! It's a dream come true!! It's too bad I can't submit this yet, my manager says that I should hold off announcing our relationship. I don't really get that, because I'm only big in Japan, you know? It's not like you're going to get ambushed or anything www
But I really like you! And now, I'm on a emotional high! So I'm really just typing everything I'm thinking, so I might reread this before I publish this post to my fans and the public. 
I really, really like you, (LastName)! 
(Draft Saved.)

EDIT: So, this is updating two months aft
:iconreadyaimfireaway:readyaimfireaway 96 21
Takumi x Reader |Shortcomings|
The moment he hears your voice, the muscles in his body stiffen. His mind is blank, the task he was currently attending to long forgotten. Takumi blinks, awakening from his brief stupor. With the threat of your footsteps approaching, he doesn't waste another second, before he breaks out into a sprint in the opposite direction.
You reach out towards him, body aching. Finally, you come to a stop, hands resting on your thighs. Focusing on Takumi's retreating figure, you're stuck between feeling aggravation and despair. Your chest continues to heave, lungs desperate the air it so desperately needs.
"Dammit!" you exclaim, uncaring if anyone overhears.
No longer was Takumi in your line of vision. You can only imagine that he's some place far away, continuing this cruel game of avoidance. You plop onto the ground, hugging your knees to your chest. 'Why on earth is he so skittish? He's like a meerkat. Hiding away at any sign of danger.'
It was his fault. That's what you decide
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 152 29
[hiraeth] ushijima wakatoshi.

ushijima wakatoshi/reader
for this contest!

Feelings have never been anything that Ushijima has really understood. He has said what he means, and what he thinks, and what he wholeheartedly believes. It's never led him astray in his world- nor on the court. On that stage, he's managed to even gain a glittering spotlight shining for himself. 
When he meets you, you are Aoba Johsai's manager, and Ushijima still doesn't find you necessary. Managers have always felt almost token to him, and felt as though the captain or someone else could do all the preparation a team needed. He rethinks it, finding that every timeout called by the coach is nearly wholly led by Oikawa- except when you step in to say a few words of your own. Wakatoshi can't hear you, but by the way the Seijou starts to play, he's entirely convinced that you know a thing or tw
:iconreadyaimfireaway:readyaimfireaway 233 51
of doodles and sketches. | ushijima wakatoshi {2}
part one

soulmate!au where whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmate's as well, but proper nouns cannot be seen.

Ushijima is a bit frustrated at the lack of knowledge he has on the girl sitting on the bleachers. Right now, he knows her name was [f/n], (for some reason Tendou never said her last name) who came to practice to draw the team for an art project - something about figures in motion - and knows Tendou well, but Ushijima is unsure of their connections. Soulmates didn't seem to be a possibility, but he's never seen her in school talking to Tendou, so friends didn't make much sense either. When she arrives, however, Tendou's the first to greet her with a bright smile and shows her something on his phone, and she always gives Tendou a quick pat on the shoulder before sitting down on her usual spot in the bleachers.
But there were countless times wher
:iconstygianrhapsody:stygianrhapsody 169 26
Suga loves you! by Narukiel Suga loves you! :iconnarukiel:Narukiel 31 3 Bokuto with his hair down by Kuroharra Bokuto with his hair down :iconkuroharra:Kuroharra 28 1 Kuroo from Haikyuu! by Kuroharra Kuroo from Haikyuu! :iconkuroharra:Kuroharra 41 4


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farran noel
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United States

My birthday badge

i go by farran/noel. i post rarely but have enough drafts to pay for college tuition.

discord, babe: aurelia#8546



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