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Nucifera- pt. 2 by diamondluv180 Nucifera- pt. 2 :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 7 0 Nucifera- pt. 1 by diamondluv180 Nucifera- pt. 1 :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 1 2 *cough cough* Just a random thingy. by diamondluv180 *cough cough* Just a random thingy. :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 0 0
Mother!Reader x Child!Dirk Homestuck
Mother! Reader x Child! Dirk- What happened?
"What happened Dirk?!" (y/n) said, her (e/c) showed worry. Dirk, a 7 y.o child, was
dirty, and had little scratchs, and bruises. "K-Karkat... h-he hit *hiccup* m-me." Dirk
said, wiping his tears off with his hand. "Aww.. I'll deal with him later. Want to watch
something? Or, what do you want to do?" You asked, and picked him up. 'Geez, he's getting
bigger and bigger...' You thought. "I-I want to cuddle, and watch cartoons." Dirk
sniffed. You smiled. "Okay, let's see what's on right now. If nothing is on, we'll do
something. But, first, we have to clean you up." You smiled. "Okay, mommy." He smiled,
and kissed your cheek. You walked upstairs, and went into the bathroom. You started the
water in a slightly warm, but a little colder warm, just the way dirk likes it. After you
finished putting water in the tub, you lifted the buttnaked Dirk, and plopped him in the
tub. He winced a little at the contact of water, but once he got his duckie (lol,
:icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 11 3
Bully!Prussiax Bullied!Reader xTeacher!America 3.5
To be honest. This one is longer than the one that you chose Prussia. It has a lot of feels. BE WARNED OF THE FEELS!!!! ~Diamondluv180
~timeskip to the country meeting~
"Okay, everybody pay attention now." Germany said, seriously.
"Okay, before we start, why am I here at all?" (y/n) said, curiously.
"You'll know about it later during the meeting." Germany, simply replied.
"Current world status is peaceful, there is no war that is known. If there is, please do speak up so we can update our status." Germany said, and looked around.
No one spoke a word.
"Good, and is there any bad news, or major accidents in our countries?" Germany, once again asked and looked around.
'Now, that I look at (y/n) she seems pissed to see me. Am I really that bad?' Prussia thought.
(Y/n)'s eyes wandered around, and when her eyes found America, and she smiled.
'She smiling, how cute!' America internally, and happily thought.
'Why am I her
:icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 1 0
Bully!Prussiax Bullied!Reader xTeacher!America 3.5
Okay, it's really been awhile. And I wanted to update. Because I'm not that lazy anymore. And I really enjoyed writing. (SO MANY FEELS!!!!) enjoy~! <3
~timeskip to the country meeting~
"Okay, everybody pay attention now." Germany said, seriously.
"Okay, before we start, why am I here at all?" (y/n) said, curiously.
"You'll know about it later during the meeting." Germany, simply replied.
"Current world status is peaceful, there is no war that is known. If there is, please do speak up so we can update our status." Germany said, and looked around.
No one spoke a word.
"Good, and is there any bad news, or major accidents in our countries?" Germany, once again asked and looked around.
'Now, that I look at (y/n) she seems pissed to see me. Am I really that bad?' Prussia thought.
(Y/n)'s eyes wandered around, and when her eyes found America, and she smiled.
'She smiling, how cute!' America internally, and hap
:icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 1 0
Emo Corner Base By Piki654 by diamondluv180 Emo Corner Base By Piki654 :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 1 0 REAL ''art'' by diamondluv180 REAL ''art'' :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 0 0 Male Autumn in a Kitty Costume xD by diamondluv180 Male Autumn in a Kitty Costume xD :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 4 36 Amicus! by diamondluv180 Amicus! :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 4 5 Behind my bed/wall by diamondluv180 Behind my bed/wall :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 2 13 Adoptables!!! by diamondluv180 Adoptables!!! :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 3 10 Emily's new hair sytle again again by diamondluv180 Emily's new hair sytle again again :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 2 1 500+ Deviations!! by diamondluv180 500+ Deviations!! :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 1 1 Appreciation 8 by diamondluv180 Appreciation 8 :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 5 3 Appreciation 7 by diamondluv180 Appreciation 7 :icondiamondluv180:diamondluv180 5 15
For the love of god Don not hate. -_-
And ENjoy my lame art! :iconrainbowheartplz:


Mature content
Gamzee x Reader -Kicked out (LEMON) :iconwaffleloveee:WAFFLELOVEEE 165 58
Mature content
DAVE X READER Stalked by the Cool Kid Ch. 13 :iconmojoizu:MojoIzu 90 140
Stalker!Dave x reader: Your Guardian Angel
David Strider grimaced at the dirty sidewalk as he scuffed down the path homeward bound. The neon lights illuminated the night of the big city. Dave’s feet wandered through the Texas town, returning from a run to the grocery store. The stuffed plastic bags scraped against his legs and swished to the rhythm of his stride. He was grumpy.
“Stupid Bro… forgetting to get the groceries and making me get ‘em at god knows what time of night…” He growled lowly as he kicked a random pebble.  The night was bustling, as is the norm for the boy’s hometown cars sped by and the occasional drunken chatter of late night club-goers could be heard, but nothing else was of particular auditory note. Dave personally enjoyed the unconventional music of the city. He closed his eyes as he listened to the sounds. Enjoying the lull thoroughly Dave nearly screamed in surprise when a harsh noise broke the rhythm. A girl yelled from the ally-way opposite him. His sha
:icontherandomnamelesskid:therandomnamelesskid 218 73
Trouble and Stolen Things: Punk!Jake x Reader pt.2
--Ch.2 Let's Get Together---
The night with Jake was Friday. You have had a weekend to clear your mind of the events, and are now ready to face a day at school again. He'll of course be a constant reminder of his own ass-hattery, but you can just do your best to ignore him as always.
With a tired sigh, you walk into your first hour class five minutes before the bell is expected to ring. You like to arrive early to rest up a bit more in the morning. Everybody else likes to linger in the hallway and chat with friends in the morning. Your friends understand, and usually do the same thing anyways.
Plopping into your desk, you smile softly. Shoving your books and school bag to the corner of your desk, you sprawl out. Head stuffed into the crook of your arm, you shut your eyes and let your mind drift.
Your shoulders ease up, and you are about to fall asleep when a loud noise jolts your form. From the hallway, you hear an inconsiderate, loud, laughter. The door to the room is flung open, and
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 107 41
I'll Protect You... Yandere!Kankri x Female!Reader
I’ll protect you… (Yandere!Kankri x Female!Reader)
Breathing heavily as you ran through the all-encompassing darkness, you turned another corner in your attempt to make an escape. Barely able to see in the pitch black living quarters-turned maze with your lack of ability to make out much in the dark thanks to your human eyesight, you were doing the best you could not to trip and fall on your face after having nearly tripped and falling over various inanimate obstacles that barred your path to freedom by a few seconds each.
If you could just make it to the door, if you could just see the outside world again and make a break for the nearest location you could somewhat deem as safe. Those thoughts rushed through your head as you did your best to keep yourself going, already starting to run out of breath from your speedy escape from a basement you had been trapped in for so long.
How long? You didn’t even know by now.
:iconfoxy-sierra:Foxy-Sierra 454 833
Good morning! (Kurloz Makara x reader)
Yawning drowsily, a tired groan slipped past your lips as you rubbed the last traces of sleep out of your eyes with the back of your hand. You sunk your groggy head back into the plush pillows, mumbling to yourself as you did so,
"Man I'm tired.."
Shutting your eyes tightly, you flexed your arms out above your head, willing the fatigue to leave your aching muscles as you yawned loudly. A deep chuckle interrupted your morning stretch and caused you to jump slightly as the quiet laughter reached your ears, the pair of slender arms locked around your waist tightening in response to your movements. Turning your head in the direction of the sound, you soon met with the half lidded gaze of your matesprit Kurloz. He stared at you in adoration, eyes full of unspoken love and devotion as he ran his nimble fingers over your bare sides, causing you to lightly shiver at his delicate touch.
'Good morning ____' he mouthed silently at you, his mouth free to move due to the absence of the thick stitch
:iconcloudylemon:Cloudylemon 594 69
ZombieStuck Ch 1: Karkat x Reader(x Sollux?)
You grip your shoulder in pain and you continue to walk through this never ending forest. Your whole body hurts, your feet and left shoulder more so then the rest of your body. A case full of arrows his wrapped around your good shoulder and side, a bow also. A long knife is the the arrow case. Your clothes are ripped and your injured and bruised. Mud and gunk all over your face and body. Your hair is messy and dirty. Your name is ____ ____, you are a sixteen year old girl from _Hometown_ and are on the run. By what? By a plague, a plague that could bring back the dead. It had hit your town. You where pretty sure you had been the only survivor, everyone else had been turned into zombies. That was almost a week ago. You had escaped, but it doesn't mean you weren't hurt.
You hadn't slept for who knows how long, and for a good reason. Last time you decided to sleep was a bad move on your part. It got you this long scratch, hell, you couldn't even feel your whole left arm. Dried red-brown b
:iconartisticwriter101:artisticWriter101 28 7
Karkat x Reader: Half Breed part 4
The next day you were awoken by the sweet sounds of yelling? You sat up in your bed and rubbed your eyes yawning still hearing the angry yelling that was coming from downstairs. Sighing, you put on your (f/c) slippers and wandered downstairs to investigate the yelling, not really focusing on your attire because well it is YOUR house and you can wear a vest top and panties to bed if you so please to do so. However you were not prepared for this, you were met with a terrifying sight that made your entire face flush bright red.
Karkat’s P.O.V
Where the fuck was she?! We had fucking school and she was still fucking asleep?! I sighed trying to control myself, but the amount of curses and threats I came up with was un fucking real!
:iconkyrarae115:KyraRae115 22 5
Pocky Game Karkat X Reader
Pocky Game *Karkat X Reader*
You were sitting on your couch as you munch your favorite snack (Pocky) when suddenly a knock on your door was heard.You didn’t move any muscle since you don’t plan to open and know who it thought that whoever who’s in your front door will just leave if nobody answers the door. But a knock was heard again this time it was louder,you growled as you made your way on the door when you open the door,Karkat was standing there with a frown.
What do you want Karkat You ask him,but still munching the snack on your hands
PFF!  Why did it took you so long to open the Door? ________?
I just don’t one any annoying people to disturb my rest time,that's all As you walk in the house again,he closes the door and walks after you
So what brings you here karkity? You turn to face him
Stop calling me that!!!________
Why should I it’s just cute and it suits you very well and you give him a cute smile
He turn to what you were munching
:iconmicahmikaella39:micahmikaella39 183 64
Strawberry Pocky (Kankri x Reader)
Strawberry Pocky (Kankri x Reader)
You run your tongue gently along the strawberry flavor coated bread stick with a happy giggle, nibbling away at your favorite snack as you sat there on the couch in your close friend’s home. He had invited you over once again to have you test run one of his new lectures he had written, and you had arrived plenty prepared for the task of sitting and listening for the next couple of hours. Several more if he had decided to write yet another sixty page script.
However, it mattered little how long it was. After all, you rather enjoyed listening to your friend talk, even if it was about something you may or may not have interest in. To top it off, you had plenty of your favorite Japanese snack handy, so you were not lacking in the necessary supplies for a good long lecture.
Just as you broke into a new box, Kankri came into the room, carrying
:iconfoxy-sierra:Foxy-Sierra 493 649
Double Or Nothing (Mituna!Reader!Kurloz)
         It was a pleasant day with a cool breeze drifting through the trees that cast dappled shadows onto the parkway you and Mituna currently occupied. Usually, you’d have better, more productive things to do on a day like this, but when the troll whom you had a flushcrush on wanted to hang out with you, who were you to say no? He wanted to try out a new trick and brush up on his skateboarding skills, and he wanted you to be there to witness them.
         “Wath thith!” He shouted as he went into a series of cool skateboarding tricks whose names you didn’t know. You smiled at him, loving the way he lisped certain words. He gave a cheer when he finished successfully, slightly wobbling a bit but still on the board. Picking his board up he ran over to the bench you were sitting on and plopped down next to you.
         “Mituna, that was totally awesome!” you congratulated him,
:icontodd-the-foxx:Todd-the-Foxx 399 51
Promise Me {Human!Sollux x Reader}
Is it already that time of the year again?
The sun was already hiding behind the mountain taking with it the array of beautiful tones of reds, oranges and pinks making way for the inky black of the night to spread until not a single bright spot on the Sky was illuminated, instead covered by darkness and the company of the stars as well of that of the mind as they work as some sort of replacement for the Sun's work of creating a visible time of the day.
The moon shining down on those spots where the light of the Acadamy's campus didn't quite reach and the secrets held among the forest are to yet redeemed safe for the meantime, accompanying this scenery were the sound of the nocturnal animals as they all prepare to go out of their homes and lurk around the woods in the chilly night.
Not so far from the Academy's ground, the constant chatter and giggles of females could be heard as well seen various tents set around in a small area, small enough compared to the grounds of the institution,
:iconprincesssakura1221:PrincessSakura1221 176 38
Fighter (Bullied! Human! Karkat X Reader) Part 2
Staring intensely into the mirror, you gently pulled off your shirt, flinching as the fabric brushed against your bruised skin. Another day, another beating behind the school, hosted by Dave Strider and his posse.  You were just glad he avoided your face, or else Kankri would question things like the swelling and the cuts and the black and purple patches. You sighed, counting all the bruises that Strider left for you. Twelve. It wasn't his best job, he's hit you harder than that before. Of course, that didn't matter now, did it? The deed was done, the marks were left alone. You took a glance at the scars along your arm and shuddered.
"Those were the dark days, Karkat," you would tell yourself, "it's all over, Karkat."
During the time you found out about Terezi and Dave's secret relationship, you had gone into a deep state of depression. You had been depressed before, yes, but never so severely as when Terezi broke your heart. The thought of her u
:iconflamebladegirl5362:FlameBladeGirl5362 132 21
Jake x Reader~ please stop
Jake X Reader~ Please stop
Jake walked through the halls, tightly holding onto the straps of his backpack in hopes that he wouldn't be noticed today or he could get away fast enough.
"It's ok Jake I'll take care of the bullies today." "No (Name) they won't be able to comprihend's not every day someone gets beaten the crap out of by an angel."
Jake got stares as he supposedly talk to himself, but he was talking to you (Name) an angel only he could see. Usually you looked like a normal teenage girl, but sometimes your skin covering just couldn't take in your grace and combusted leaving you as a beam of golden light in the shape of a girl.
Jake knew you were here to protect him, but he never let you since the first time you did no one would even look at him without whispering he knew black magic or his grandma was a witch.
He knew you were just trying to keep him safe which he thanked you for but he could hold his own...sorta.
Jake was an exchange student from a far off island so
:iconstridersgonnastride4:stridersgonnastride4 96 31
Mature content
A late afternoon Swim :iconhisdarkqueen:HisDarkQueen 6 9





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