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Favourite cartoon character: Disneys Aladdin : Yu Yu Hakusho's Hiei
Personal Quote: "Blega" which is blah, bored, oops, & a few other words in one.

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Disney's Aladdin
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Tamora Pierce, I've read her since I was 9. Also Terry Goodkind.
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PS4, or Steam


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My sister, the "porn shop" one had her baby on Oct 3, at about 3am-ish. She had a girl and named her Mandy May. I dont like that name at all. Not one bit. I told 2 of my friends her name and they were like "Oh! Lets call her "M&M". The main reason I dont like the name is that its completely un-original. At least give the poor child a semi-original name. My niece is gunna know at least 12 other Mandy's before shes 8! Ugh! Im 22 and I only met about 6 other girls with my name! One of them I actually met less than a month ago at work. I was working the YA desk at the library and a whole bunch of girls from lacross came in. I wasnt really payin
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Hellos, Well, I found a song yesterday that reminds me of an old friend, Jason Clark, whos dead. He died 11 days after his 21st birthday. Jason, ahh, I wish I had a pic of him. I did have one but I think my Mother threw it out. I dunno for sure. I kinda wanna ask Jesse for a pic but... him and Jesse wern't on the best terms. I had a huge crush on Jason. I always thought he looked like Freddy Prince Jr. No one else agreed with me, but I think, if he was alive, he would definitly win that "Celebrity Makeover" On TV Guide Channel. I never thought I was good enough for him, hell I still dont think I am, well, I mean... you know! I dont gotta
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First off, anyone MAY use my avatar(s) if they'd like and you don't have to give me credit as long as you don't claim it as your own creation. (As if anyone wants either...) Anyway, I just spent over an hour and a half redoing that Yaoi avatar next to my name. It was way to big at first, 57kb but the program I was using doesn't allow you to go back and fix your mistakes. So needless to stay I had to do the entire thing over again. My original one, which I will try to upload onto my gallery, was larger because it was completely different. After about the 4th redo I realized it wasnt going to go any smaller if I kept the words spelled out by
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