Winners of the Non-Existent contest announced
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The Non-Existent contest, DeviantART's first official ANSI/ASCII contest kicked off on the 16th of October. It was originally going to end on the 25th of November, but it was extended for two weeks. Originally we had separate categories for ASCII and ANSI as I was really expecting some ANSI artists from the artscene to join the challenge, but no such luck. It turns out the people who have been making textmode art since the early 90s or even the late 80s were too busy basking in their elitism to participate. So in the end we had to combine the categories. Instead of handing out three prizes in two categories we now have a total of five prizes, including two copies of the Dark Domain DVD just like in the original prize list. And we added some surprise prizes to the list, as well.

The number of the entries wasn't so huge, but there were many top notch works, even from people who had never drawn ASCII or ANSI before. There were many wonderful intepretations of the contest theme "Non-Existent", including monsters and other fantasy creatures, abstract concepts, classic and mythological characters from Phoenix to Cthulhu, surreal scenes and combinations of two different concepts to form an entirely new kind of creature. While I was a bit disappointed at the small number of participants I have to say people's creativity really amazed me and I glad I picked this theme for the contest.

But enough of the babble, now it's time to present the five winners, judged by jSepia, roy-sac, Aeires and yours truly.

:trophy: The fifth prize (a three-month subscription to DeviantART) goes to

Flask-Man by naknak

Flask-Man by naknak

:trophy: The fourth prize (a three month-subscription to DeviantART) goes to

The Witch by MagdalenaTR

The Witch by MagdalenaTR

:trophy: The third prize (a six-month subscription to DeviantART) goes to

Face to face by scumah

Face to face by scumah

:trophy: The second prize (a six-month subscription to DeviantART and the Dark Domain DVD) goes to

Uninteresting Contest entry by Olympic-Dames

Uninteresting contest entry by Olympic-Dames

:trophy: And the first prize (a one-year subscription to DeviantART and the Dark Domain DVD) goes to

Update: Impossible love by Jaybirdy

Impossible Love by Jaybirdy

Congratulations! Also, as a special surprise all of the five winners will get ASCII themed mousepads (and possibly other stuff from DA prints), generously sponsored by roy-sac!

I'd like to thank all the participants. We'll probably feature some more of the entries in next issue of TextCanvas - the textmode art spotlight, which would have normally come out at the end of December, but since it's almost the end of December we're delaying it until the end of January as not to drown the whole site in textmode art at once (no matter how nice that would be). But don't worry, we'll compensate for the delay by featuring more art than usual.

You can create more exposure for the winners by faving this article (click the heart icon at top left). Feel free to feature the winners in your journal if you wish, whether it's by links, thumbnails or just a link to this article.

And even though the contest is over, don't stop drawing ASCII and ANSI!
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ViViTheDaRkHobbyist General Artist
Awesome job guys!
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juansrxHobbyist General Artist
They have it very well deserved!!, Congrats to everybody!!
unless I know what I will be facing next time...
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This is awesome guys! Congrats. :D
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radman1Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great work everyone! I'm quite impressed by the winning entries this year. :thumbsup:
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BCGarth Photographer
Congratulation guys!!
LakrisDrops's avatar
Congrats! :w00t:
BCGarth's avatar
BCGarth Photographer
Congrats guys!
WebNeO's avatar
Wow!! ASCII Pict!
ppgrainbow's avatar
ppgrainbowHobbyist General Artist
Congrats to the winners - they worked so tiredlessly hard and they were really creative on those submissions.

I'm really proud of that. :thumbsup:
eisberg's avatar
congrats to winners...all of them are nice but first one is too interesting..:above:
thequantumwarrior's avatar
This contest turnned out far better than I thought it would! congrats to all the winners! :bow:
Nootropic's avatar
Hey, there is no basking going on here--I just couldn't find the time, although I did work on some material... ANSI takes me so long to do; the deadline was incredibly tight for my working style!
wikman's avatar
NFO files are worse for the scene than your contest, for what its worth...
wikman's avatar
Because the people who support the "nfo scene" aren't adverse to using generators for their ascii art. That and the fact that block ascii is just ugly. It has nothing to do with the fact they the style is different. My style couldn't be more different than po/imp, xz/imp or konami/mimic, but i still appreciate the art.

As for your contest, the entries are exactly what I expect and I'm really int interested in dancing with that crowd.
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diamondieProfessional Writer
How can creating art be bad for the scene, which is supposed to be about creating art? Man, drop that arrogance already. It's really getting ridiculous. We're not in kindergaarten any more. Surely you can appreciate other people's work even if the style is different from yours. If you can't, the problem surely isn't in the other people's work. Life is much more enjoyable when you can enjoy things besides your own niche.
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diamondieProfessional Writer
That's a shame, you would have surely kicked some butt in the contest. If course I didn't want to imply that all the oldskool artists felt too elitistic to participate, many of them probably never heard the contest, others didn't have the time and some had other reasons not to participate.

But believe it or not some artsceners on DA have displayed a downright nasty, even hostile reaction towards the contest that seemed to actively discourage other "oldskoolers" from participating. It's like everything that isn't focused towards logos or NFO files must be lame and bad for the scene (because it actually encourages creativity? :-P).
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sodium-N4 Digital Artist
sometimes posting textmode art on DA isn't worth the countless "what is that? it's too blocky." comments.

some of the oldschool text artists also can't handle being treated as also-ran's or having ascii/ansi treated as second rate.
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diamondieProfessional Writer
Newsflash: all kinds of art get stupid comments. I've posted short stories that have yielded me notes with people worrying if I'm alright, I've posted a picture of Osama bin Laden that got me furious feedback from some people stating it's not art because Osama bin Laden is evil. Some people post amazing photorealistic paintings and get comments like "Wow, that's a very nice photo". Others render a glass sphere in a 3D program and get favs and comments from people saying "I could never draw that!" And this is not a DeviantART phenomenon. It happens everywhere.

People are clueless. That's nothing new. The right thing to do is to get over it. If you can't and that's the reason why you (not talking about _you_ anywhere in this message, but using the you passive) rather post your art in an obscure, elitistic art scene instead of public forums, maybe you should reconsider your attitude and values. If you can't handle feedback, what are you doing on the Internet anyway.
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The detail in the first place winner is amazing! Great choices. :aww:
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Wow, nice entries!
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UnicornRealityHobbyist General Artist
Wow. They're really good. Congrats to the winners. :)
0tsukikage0's avatar
I absolutely love the first place win. That is just a georgeous picture! It affects me in ways I can comprehend! *dies* I have a thing for angel
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