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2010 was an interesting and wonderful year, one of my best. I accomplished and experienced many things, both things I expected, things I only dreamed about and things I really didn't expect. The most important ones were of course moving to the Netherlands, and signing a contract for a novel, something I had been dreaming about for 21 years.

NaNoWriMo was both easier and harder, mostly easier, than the previous years, though the resulting manuscript was more rough than my previous ones. After some developmental editing it's now at my beta reader's (yikes).

Christmas went fairly uneventfully, at home with my husband. I cooked for several days to produce a delicious vegan feast. We opened presents on the 24th as Finns usually do. Besides loads of books I got a Lensbaby Composer from my husband! Quite unexpected, even though he knows I'm fond of them. Another lovely present that I actually concretely wished for was a bunch of colorful origami cranes from my little sister, for wall decoration.

I'm more looking forward to tomorrow, as my dad and little sister will come from Finland to visit for a few days. Planning to take my sister to Chinatown, Lapjesmarkt (outdoor market for fabrics on Mondays) and of course to eat rijsttafel.

2010 goals, status

[X] get the hell out of Finland (of #1 importance) done!
[X] finish my CFS/ME/FM book
[/] painting, doing other kinds of art finished one pop art piece
[X] write some non-drabble short stories I have written five longer (at least 300 words) short stories and started a new one this week
[X] set up my new blog actually started two new blogs, a food blog in English and a writing/book/disability/society blog in Finnish
[/] get on TV to talk about my book/Twitter I did get on national radio
[/] more articles published in print magazines one article in a health magazine
[/] have a paper published in a medical journal wrote an excellent review article on myofascial trigger points for a pain journal which had never had anything on trigger points, despite them being the most common cause of pain - they sat on it for months and then decided they can't publish it since I'm not a doctor
[X] speak at the LDN conference in Scotland ended up speaking at two LDN conferences
[_] write another medical textbook (and get it published) postponed to next year
[X] get novel #6 published contract signed
[X] write novel #7 (or at least the first draft) version 1.1 done
[X] learn more Dutch admittedly could have been more active on this front after the spring, but doing okay
[_] learn the basics of Spanish and perhaps French postponed to next year
[/] become a magazine/newspaper/web columnist have sent dozens of pitches, but no luck yet, will pitch more next year

Best things in 2010

:bulletred: moving to the Netherlands
:bulletred: getting a contract for novel #6
:bulletred: winning NaNoWriMo for the third time
:bulletred: finishing the Finnish versio of my CFS/ME/FM book and having it published
:bulletred: getting a contract for my next medical textbook
:bulletred: getting married
:bulletred: speaking at two LDN conferences
:bulletred: a lot of interesting new translation work and other great new clients
:bulletred: trips to our summer cabin
:bulletred: taking some utterly awesome photos
:bulletred: getting some glowing reviews/feedback of my medical textbook (two more ones, not necessarily glowing but at least positive ones, should be coming up very soon)

Worst things in 2010

:bulletred: hormonal problems again getting worse, resulting in e.g. massive weight gain and edema and barely sleeping for months (nothing can be done about that, except possibly for hormone replacement) and severe hypoglycemia is still a constant problem
:bulletred: some other traumatic health problems
:bulletred: hate crime exploding in Finland
:bulletred: not getting a grant I applied for (uncharacteristically for grants odds were definitely on my side)

Best novels I read in 2010

:bulletred: Nasim Marie Jafry: State of Me (a novel about CFS/ME, and a superb one at that!)
:bulletred: Margaret Atwood: The Year of the Flood
:bulletred: Albert Camus: The Plague

Plans for 2011

:bulletred: get my hormonal problems sorted out (or at least find a decent doctor)
:bulletred: get publicity for novel #6
:bulletred: finish novel #7 and get a contract for it
:bulletred: finish first draft of novel #8
:bulletred: write a new medical textbook
:bulletred: continue writing more short fiction and finish poetry
:bulletred: finally finish my sociomedical essay collection, in the works since 2004
:bulletred: learn the basics of Spanish, perhaps French
:bulletred: go to Spain, perhaps Germany (for a demoparty, I wouldn't go to Germany otherwise!) and Italy, visit several Dutch towns I haven't been to before
:bulletred: be invited to speak at the Helsinki book fair (I was promised chocolate for this...)
:bulletred: submit to more writing contests and several literary journals (I'm thinking at least Vestal Review, FuseLit and more stuff for Brain Harvest and Breath & Shadow)
:bulletred: stay alive the whole year

Happy new year to everyone and may your goals become reality and resolutions keep!

Current works

Works in progress
:bulletblue: novel #7
:bulletblue: a short story
:bulletblue: four haiku
:bulletblue: some other poems
:bulletblue: my sociomedical essay series

Works finished but not yet submitted
:bulletblue: a haiku
:bulletblue: two scifi drabbles
:bulletblue: four pieces of 55-word fiction
:bulletblue: four longer short stories
:bulletblue: nine ASCII pictures
:bulletblue: an acrylic painting
:bulletblue: a digital painting
:bulletblue: a whole bunch of photos

Works I wish to start in the near future
:bulletblue: some short stories
:bulletblue: several poems
:bulletblue: some crafts
:bulletblue: henna tattooing
:bulletblue: molding clay sculpture

Non-art/DA TODO (inconclusive)
:bulletblue: a new medical textbook
:bulletblue: medical articles
:bulletblue: articles about consumer electronics
:bulletblue: studying Dutch
:bulletblue: an eBook
:bulletblue: an LDN brochure
:bulletblue: some query letters and pitches
:bulletblue: content for my Finnish CFS/ME site

My preliminary schedule for the following months

1st-30th November NaNoWriMo
15th November NaNoWriMo meeting
22nd November work deadline
22nd November NaNoWriMo meeting
26th November work deadline
26th November doctor appointment
29th November NaNoWriMo meeting
1st December husband's birthday
3rd December work deadline
6th December NaNoWriMo meeting
8th December MRI scan
10th December work deadline
11th December NaNoWriMo finishing party
12th December Christmas market
17th December work deadline
19th December Christmas market
21st December work deadline
23rd December work deadline
23rd December Christmas parade
31st December writing contest deadline

24th December-4th January Christmas holiday
1st-4th January family visiting
4th January NaNoWriMo meeting
18th January doctor appointment

I was interviewed by :iconmattgallan:, read the interview in <a  href="…">his journal.

:iconobenson: wrote a poem dedicated to my ASCII art. It's quite good too!

I've set up a discussion thread for my sociomedical essay series on my forum, please read it and contribute if you have any  opinions.

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EndGaame Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011
When did you get married??
diamondie Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011  Professional Writer
In August (yeah, I'm a bit late in answering, uh...) two weeks before moving here. :->
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