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There's only a few weeks left until Assembly 2008, the biggest demoparty in the world now held for the 17th time. The event will take place in Helsinki, Finland from the 31st July to the 3rd of August. Like in the previous years over 5,000 visitors are expected to attend the event, including plenty of foreigners, likely from every continent. Of course this will also include Deviants from many countries. I've met people from the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and even South Africa at Assembly.

Demoparties are gatherings of the demoscene, a digital art community focused on the creation of demos, realtime animated presentations originally intended to showcase programming skills. The medium has developed vastly since its birth in the eighties and modern demos often look like commercial animations or music videos, but demos are still executable files and the program code remains an essential part of them. For an example of a demo you can watch Assembly invitation by EvoFlash (it's in Flash, unlike most demos).

The biggest competition or "compo" at Assembly is the combined demo competition, but there are also dozens of other compos for graphics, music, demos and short film. You can even compete in some outdoor sports, such as floppy and CD throwing and street basketball. Several computer games also have their own contests. The total prize money will value at least 39,000 euros (over $60,000).

Besides participating and watching compos, there is a lot to do at Assembly. The ARTtech  seminars include speakers from a wide variety of top IT companies, some movie directors as well as demoscene legends. Most of the previous instances of Assembly have also included concerts and techno raves, so we will likely be seeing (and hearing) those this year, as well. Keep in mind that Assembly is not just about competitions and computers, it's about the people. This is your chance to meet digital artists and find new friends from all over the world.

Entrance tickets to Assembly cost 35 euros (about $54, thanks to the weak dollar), but if you want a seated place for your computer (and other belongings), you need to purchase a computer ticket instead for 65/75 euros. Even if you don't have a computer place you can still attend the seminars and participate and vote in all competitions and use your laptop and WLAN. Oldskool demosceners can apply for oldskool tickets for a reduced price (20/40 euros). Foreign visitors need not worry about hotel bookings, as the event will run 24/7 and there's a dedicated sleeping area. Showers are available as well and the venue has several food outlets.

If you can't attend Assembly this year, be sure to check out the AssemblyTV broadcast. It can be watched as a live stream on the AssemblyTV website. After the party is over you can download all the stunning productions and videos of the ARTtech seminars at

Assembly 2008
Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland, 31st July-3rd August 2008
Tickets 20-75 euros

:bulletblue: Assembly 2008
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ScislaC Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
I hope to be able to attend one day... I've wanted to for probably 13 years or so. I wonder if my friend who competed last year will be participating again... I should go ask. :)
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July 1, 2008


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