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October-November seems to often become my busiest time of the year. I've now finished my ASCII art tutorial and announced an ASCII art competition connected to it, check below for information. I've been loaded with work for a while and I'm focusing more on digital photography and graphics in my articles in the near future. I'm also working on several demoscene productions. The chilly weather isn't helping with getting things done, as going outside even for 10 minutes means I'll be much more feverish than normal for the rest of the day.

Due to CFS I'm not able to write any more novels, but I have an ambitious writing project in mind. As some already know, I have strong opinions about a lot of subjects and I've also educated myself about them - 15,000-20,000 pages of my main interest medicine. I wish I could educate more people about them, as most people have very uneducated opinions about medical issues.

This wish has progressed into a plan of an essay compilation about issues I call "sociomedical" - things that have to do with illness, health, health care, recreational drugs, medical drugs, suicide, pro-choice and others. Ironically, I'm not sure if my health permits such a project. In any case, I probably won't be able to start writing until mid January or so.

:bulletred: ASCII art competition :bulletred:

Here are the entries to my competition. I recommend you to view every single one, as the quality was very high! The results are coming soon.

Horus by onilukos
Along came drugs by maaherra
The Teapot by Kefka-Neko
Penguin in plaintext by Kefka-Neko
Le Pesho en ASCII by VeRStie
Random_sunlight.png by BriteEyes
Oberth by lalobee

This piece broke the contest rules by using extended characters, but it's so good I just can't not list it here:

Maija by knocturnal

:bulletred: The original announcement :bulletred:

I'm announcing an ASCII art competition, open to all Deviants. I especially want to invite people who haven't done ASCII art before. There are many people I'd like to see participating - Rizzo-, ethaewyn, gas13, audiosyncracy, mirounga, lemontea, BamseIsUnix, legendofzeke, donkeypunchmurphy, onilukos, BriteEyes, metroet, maaherra and I'm probably forgetting many. Any kind of hand-made ASCII art is welcome. Besides technical skill, entries will be judged based on creativity - eg. a somewhat awkward cubistic or impressionistic ASCII drawing might rank better than a technically excellent but boring representation of a chair. I'd like to warn you that I'm not a big fan of oldskool demoscene logos.

The rules

:bulletblue: The entry must be an ASCII picture of at least 10x10 and at most 80x100 characters.
:bulletblue: The entry must be made in a fixed-width font and must not contain any non-ASCII characters.
:bulletblue: The entry must be created by hand. Entries made with an image to ASCII converter are not taken into account. If your image looks like converted or ripped, you will need to present a proof that you made it (ie. so called "step files", save the picture with several different file names while drawing it). You are allowed to use the drawing tools in JavE. The entry may contain parts made with FiGlet, as long as it is not the only content. Animated entries are not allowed.
:bulletblue: The entry must be previously unreleased and it must be uploaded as a Deviation to the Digital Art > Text Art > ASCII art category. Post a link to the Deviation in this journal.
:bulletblue: The contest is open until 1st of December. After that, I will choose a winner among the entries, based solely on artistic quality and not my relation with the artist. Should I have a particularly hard time with judging, I may choose someone to help me with the task. The winner will receive a three-month subscription to DeviantART or an ASCII print from me in addition to being featured in my journal. If there are many good entries, additional prizes (prints, subscriptions and other stuff), may be awarded
:bulletblue: At most two entries by person. If you submit more entries, only the latest two will be considered. The entries can be edited until the deadline. You will only be eligible to win once.

(normal journal continues here)

Works in progress:
  • a music video for the Alternative Party
    • a vector logo for the Alternative Party

    Works finished but not yet submitted
    • some nifty textures (seamless, of course)
      • some photos
        • a tribal ASCII

        Works I wish to start in the near future
        • my Deviant ID
          • a new avatar
            • essays
              • a presentation for the Alternative Party

              Non-art TODO (inconclusive)
              • a list of all the articles I've had published (about 60?)
                • some work articles

                P.S. I have loads of more photos and ASCII art on my homepage, in addition to plenty of different content.

                Please answer my poll!
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Kefka-Neko's avatar
soo.... is the comp closed now?
diamondie's avatar
Yeah, it is closed. I was just so busy I didn't have the time to update the journal properly until now. Results should be out soon.
onilukos's avatar
*waits slightly impatiently*
Grashaboras's avatar
hm..nevermind, i think im too late for this, im brand new at ascii and i doubt ill be able to get anything of a reasonable quality done in the very little time i have, e other ones are very nice looking, good job all :D
diamondie's avatar
Well, I just added one more week of participating time. It's quite a long time for an ASCII piece, don't be so easily discouraged.
onilukos's avatar
That means I get time to finish the Firefox ASCII I was making ^_^
Too bad I'm busy doing other stuff :depressed:
lalobee's avatar
I followed your invitation, but rather did take it as an motivation to start doing something again. I hope you like it: It's an Oberth.
BriteEyes's avatar
Huzzah! after a month of procrastinating my entry is complete, as seen HERE [link]

the pic is 80 characters wide and 100 characters tall. To draw it, i used PabloDraw and a reference photo of the stunning Milla Jovovich.
VeRStie's avatar
Well you persuade me :P... i'll participate... here is my entry...
It's an 80Hx100W characters drawing, it takes me at about 7 hours of hard work... thanx for make this contest...
Good Luck Everyone!
Miguel Angel Alvarez
Kefka-Neko's avatar
ok, did another ASCII pic for the comp after work today - [link]
Something a little more ambitious and exciting than a teapot...;)
I was worried filling the lineart would be a trouble, but it worked out pretty well:)
Kefka-Neko's avatar
Raa! i stumbled across this comp and decided to do my first ever bit of ASCII art! (well, not including a 1x13 pic of kirby doing nasty things to another kirby...)

So.... ph34r the awesomely imaginative.... TEAPOT! [link]

Hey, it's my first attempt:P

(making sure he submits this comment before opening the other entries, to make sure he doesn't chicken out)
maaherra's avatar
My entry is ready:


I might do another one.
knocturnal's avatar
OK, I guess this will have to do from me.
BamseIsUnix's avatar
Have you ever seen ASCII art which has "random" texture -- I mean, one where fills are made by randomly inserting rows of certain characters? At least I haven't, until I tried to do that myself... it was pretty cool. :)

I enjoy everything I have experimented so far. Doing ASCII is like painting with a very big brush: the details don't reveal anything, but the overall construction makes sense. At least in my stuff, which I consider impressionistic (I just can't help it).

Propably I'll submit soon (?).
diamondie's avatar
Well, it's not uncommon at all. Usually it's used by beginners - or conversion programs. I personally like less arbitrary looking pictures, but it's a matter of preference. I'm curiously waiting for your submission.
BamseIsUnix's avatar
Don't lay too high expectations on me. ;) And please also notice the question mark (?).
knocturnal's avatar
What about colored ascii?
diamondie's avatar
Hmm, let me think. I guess it's ok to participate with a colored ASCII, but I'll rank it as it was plain text (otherwise it's not fair towards the other contestants, IMO).
knocturnal's avatar
That's fine, I'll have something colo(u)rless done soon.
Just wondering because there was no mention of it..
glue's avatar
Alright, I might do this... I gotta see if I can stick to a "limited palette". ;)
maaherra's avatar
Yay, I'm going to participate :)
diamondie's avatar
Great. I'm sorry I forgot your name off the list, it was supposed to be there.
YetiGirl's avatar
didn't know ascii art existed...very interesting!!! I'm sure not participate but it'd be nice to experiment a bit ^_^
onilukos's avatar
Well, I...uh...think I may have set the bar too early.
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