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Me and the book
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Published: May 30, 2007
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Me and my CFS book. I'm posting this because at least two people wanted to see a picture of it. It doesn't show the book all that well, but alternatively I could just place it on the table and it wouldn't look much different from the actual layout by *Shurakai-Zero which you can see here. Since it's a fairly large, softcover book it doesn't look good in pictures if I try to keep it open, and the glossy surface reflects light a lot, as you can see.

I'll probably scrap it later, as it's not exactly art, and not taken by me. A friend took it in a "garden party" yesterday which was a combined getnolife meeting and a release party for the book - which apparently sparked great interest, as a whopping six out of the 15 people I invited bothered to turn up. I've considered making an ID out of the picture, but not sure if it would make much sense.
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PurpleDaizieProfessional General Artist
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um......................................... wow
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crumpstockProfessional Photographer
cool and congradulations
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Cudos on your book's completion (if I've not said so before, forgive me!). And it is a very nice picture of you - it'd make a decent ID pic, certainly. The photo of you on the book jacket is very pretty as well.
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AbidingDaRules Photographer
I like it.. Congrats on the book too! I think it would make a great ID..:clap: You are very beautiful.. You have gorgeous hair! :hug:
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diamondieProfessional Writer
Thanks. :-> Too bad the hair is just temporary. I sometimes tone my hair with different hues of red, but it would be too much of a hassle to keep up with permanent dyes.
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how nice.. you wrote that book. and yes, it would be better on your ID with that smile.
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UrbanRural-PhotoHobbyist Photographer
Right on, way to go...
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I agree that it would make a good devID :)
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stewardHobbyist General Artist
You write a lot more than you take pics of yourself... so it seems to me that a pic of you and a book written by you would be the perfect ID for you. :)
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Congrats on writing the book! It must feel fabulous to hold your OWN book in your hands :hug:
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diamondieProfessional Writer
Yeah, it is. Especially since it feels so much overdue, considering that I finished my first novel manuscript back in 1998 or 1999, and ever since I was five or so I believed I'd be published well before I turned 20. Well, technically I'm still not published-published, but I have a book nonetheless.
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mom-the-bombProfessional Photographer
:spotlight-left: :clap: BRAVO :clap: :spotlight-right:

I'm so glad you got it all done and in hand. You look very nice in this shot, and I think it would be an awesome ID for you.
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roy-sacHobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations Diamondie . It was a long time in the making. You can be very proud of yourself. Shurakai did also a great job with the cover (and I like the strings the way they are now ;) )

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diamondieProfessional Writer
Thanks a lot. :-> Yeah, the strings in the design look great IRL, I trusted his judgement because he was the designer, and it paid off. So far no one's had anything negative to say about the cover design.
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demonlightProfessional Writer
Good luck with everything. X
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o0WARLORD0oHobbyist Digital Artist
aww you're cute!
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I love your hair, it's so pretty. is the colour natural?
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diamondieProfessional Writer
Heh no, I don't think anyone can have hair of that color naturally. You can see my natural hair color in my avatar - or could if the lighting was different. I'm a blonde, though getting darker all the time. I've wanted to be a redhead ever since I was a little kid, so I tone from time to time.
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Your friend has certainly done a great job capturing you. I’d agree with *SylverStrike that it would make a pretty good ID.

It’s funny, I never really had a good idea of how big the book would be; in my mind I always pictured it being about the size of a standard paperback novel, even though I knew the dimensions.

This must feel like a great accomplishment for you. Congratulations on your launch. :)
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diamondieProfessional Writer
Yeah, I too assumed it would be smaller. But that kind of explains how 86 A4 pages only turned into 128, and not more like 150.

Thanks (for everything).
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You’re quite welcome. It makes a nice addition to my design portfolio.
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Good photo of you and it does say a lot - you with big smile and big book :) How does it feel to hold that in your hand? I've never seen any of my stuff in print (though my play should hit the (amateur) stage sometime) but I imagine it feels rather special? Your books is certainly the culmination of a lot of work!
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