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Funky toilet

This is for the Pixel Pop Art competition, my first pixelation ever. If a toilet isn't an everyday item, then what is?
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Pretty!! i like the use of psychedelelic colour! :clap:
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Wow! A pop-art toilet! Warhol would approve...
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Found it because of your comment at ` gas13's, and ahahahha, people sure made some goofy comments. wah wah, DTF. It's not like it had 3450 billion favourites.

man, such whiners.

I like this, it's funny. And certainly in the spirit of pop art, glorifying something as ridiculous as a toilet to have a portrait! :heart:
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Its nice in its simplisticness
nosf3's avatar
hah. i just love the comments, some people can just be so stupid.

in my opinion the pic itself and the fact that its extremely simple fits quite well in the idea of pop art.
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Congrats on causing a controversy!
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I hate humans... Sigh... Why must I be one? :( (Sad)

At least I have you, toilet. *Pets it* :) (Smile)
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This has got to be the ugliest thing that I have ever seen. Then again... I prefer something that isn't going to horribly clash with everything else in the room. Harmony... That's always a more calm thing to look at. I'd almost cringe to see what the rest of the bathroom looks like... And I just noticed... The toilet has no back and no handle.... Is this for an outhouse?!?
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you weird kids need to get a sense of humour. This is fantastic - it's just striking, original and humorous. I like it a lot :) (Smile)
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if I said good shit would you hurt me?

Honestly I'm quite suprised by the number of immature comments and accusations that are flying around here. I think as pop art/pixel art goes you've got an interesting piece.
The colors are nice and bright aswell as being an odd mix though I agree with those that said that the background color could have been chosen better, or at the least, implented better.
The perspective works quite well to and all the shapes seem to be pretty much in proportion
I like it
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:) (Smile) Nice. I like it.

Fits best in my restroom, and have some neon lights up in here.
xadrx's avatar
Actually, I'm not fussed at all. It's cool, the colours work well and I love the bit of shading under the bowl. And hey, if this was my first pixel piece I'd be so chuffed about getting on the front page! Why can't you all give it a rest?
Good on you mate!
yaminokaze's avatar
...I think we should go back to the old Daily fav setup, if stuff like this is gonna get on the front page...
3 base colors, darker and lighter doesnt count.

im still wrong though, it's 4 colors.....damn....silly me.
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Seven colors! Not three!! ;) (Wink)

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thats absolutly brilliant,
i've never seen a better toilet!
this is amazing, the design the forms the colors!!
everything is well drawn.

actually, this getting a DTF doesn't bother me anymore (the system has never worked anyway, so why bitch now) And you'r only gonna get flamed by the "EVEYTHING-IS-CUTEEEE-OMG-SWEET-fanboys/girls" who simply can't imagine anything being less the perfect. (Actually they are just spamming everything with positive comments in hope of getting some themselves)

I'm just suprised that people think this is good art....I mean's a toilet...with 3 colors. Whoopidie-f***king-doo.
snoball's avatar
am i missing something here, i mean yea its kinda funny its a toliet and its all colorful, but really. it doesnt look all that great. really someone fill me in here
oxx's avatar
god, NOW we get to see the real pale of most should be ashamed of yourself.. you actually do arts only to GET the DTF??? you make me sick, people OMG! No, I disagree!
and is the girl 'guilty' for getting a DTF? come on. grow up. Confused
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phoetus is having a bad day, and he is an ass.

Anyho, I dont know why this is here personaly.
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Again; the naysayers here going "THIS IS NOT REAL ART" should really try to think it out for a second.
Everything is real art, stupid fuckers, and if your only concern is whether your pieces hit the daily deviations or not, you should not be here. Now go kill yourself and fuck the corpse.
JoshClarkeDraws's avatar
Yeah, I know. And, this is NOT a daily deviation! Fools!
laurichg's avatar
Great humor in your toilet. Great choice of acid colors as well. Not bad for a first try in a contest... Remember Warhol's soup can anyone?!? Lighten up everyone... sheesh
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the only reason for viewing this is watching people get angry and/or make propaganda for themselves just because of a... toilet.
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