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Bunny died for your tasty sins

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The first painting I've done since 2008 or so (oops), just finished it a few hours ago. Well, finished for now - the bottom part turned out really shitty (except for the eggs) and will probably repaint the hill at some point, but won't have the time to do that for a while.

I've actually had this idea for ages, perhaps a year or so. Nothing special or deeply meaningful, just something random that amused me, as is usual for my concepts. I'm otherwise happy with the piece (other than the hill), except that my acrylics gave me a really hard time. They used to be okay, but now the white is too thick and the other colors are too thin... This is why the bunny's fur has no texture, because I got so angry at the texture being so crude.

The eggs are actually silver/aluminum colored, which is hard to depict in a photo. I can thank my boyfriend for the idea - I was going to make striped Easter eggs, but he wanted something "shiny" in the piece and I remembered I had some silver paint left from Cyberpunkture.
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poor bunny :(
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stewardHobbyist General Artist
There's a series called South Park in which a character said in one episode, "Look, I’m just saying that somewhere between Jesus dying on the cross and a giant bunny hiding eggs there seems to be a gap of information."

I think this helps explain it. :laughing:
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diamondieProfessional Writer
I saw that episode a few weeks ago. One of the best South Park episodes IMO. I already had this idea a long time ago, but I think the episode helped give me that spark to finally go through actually painting this.
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ndifferenceProfessional Writer
That's hilarious. It reminds me of the EP released by Sugar in the early 90's entitled Beaster, which was about singer/guitarist Bob Mould's efforts to reconcile the happy, kid-friendly marketing of Easter with the bloody execution of Jesus. This painting sums it all up - "Christ died for our sins...now eat some candy."
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Very cool concept. The concept itself is the whole point of the painting, so it doesn't matter if it's not perfect on the technical side.

Back when I painted with acrylics, I liked to use markers to add detail. Perhaps you could have used this technique on the bunny's fur - although I have no problem with it as it is.

I wonder why you chose to understate the blood. I would have expected a slightly more gory approach - I remember Jesus paintings as being quite bloody.

P.D.: I have resurrected too, even if just for this comment. :p
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diamondieProfessional Writer
Quite a nice surprise to get a comment from you! Thanks.

I have used markers before for detail, mainly black markers. I'd probably have used them for the black details here, but the texture of the paint was so rough I didn't think it would have worked. As a result I painted with a stick and the black line ended up thicker than it was supposed to be and the blacks in the eyes have very rough edges... Using a marker for the fur might work, it's an interesting idea, but I don't think I have any in suitable colors.

My boyfriend also thought I should have painted more blood. I think I didn't want more because I felt it would make the piece too "cartoonish", slapstick-like. It's not a completely serious piece but not really a joke either - more pop surrealism than a cartoon. Originally when I was considering what kind of eggs to paint I toyed with the idea of painting a partially broken normal egg collecting the blood drips from one of the wounds, but figured it would probably look too lame (with my painting skills, that is).

(I also pondered whether to paint a wound on the side of the bunny, but decided against it.)

P.S. Any ideas what to do about the hill?
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I'm curious about how you painted with a stick. And about the hill... Well, off the top of my head, I think you could:
- add grey rocks, grey angles
- add more easter decorations, like ribbons scattered around
- arrange things randomly: don't align things, don't "group" them, don't space them evenly, but do try to create a good composition

On that last point: you did OK on that. I'm just mentioning it for completeness.
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diamondieProfessional Writer
I'd need to completely repaint the lower part of the piece (besides the eggs), not just add thigs... Not sure if gray would be the best color for the rocks since the eggs are already kind of gray (well, silver, but silver is somewhat gray, especially in a photo).

Not sure what you mean by ribbons? They aren't a part of Easter decorations here, except for ribbons tied around eggs.
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I can't imagine rocks on a hill being any other color than gray. Otherwise, the hill could simply be green and grassy. Brown is just not a very pretty color and I know you don't like it.

Ribbons seem to be much more common here. Yellow ones are even used to simulate hay, to make chocolate eggs look like they're in a nest.

Another idea would be to add silhouettes of people (or bunnies?) on the foreground, where the hill is, but this could turn out to be distracting.

Finally, I think more eggs are needed. Those three look too lonely.

On a completely different subject, I would be very grateful if you could give me some web design tips on this, if you're not too busy: [link] [link]
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diamondieProfessional Writer
The hill being brown is, however, very much intended. In crucifiction paintings the area is depicted as desert/arid terrain. I would like to keep that look.
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I thought so. One last random thought (I promise =P): strong lightning like in [link]

That way the hill would look less flat, if that's what bothers you.

Oh, and please forget what I said about the web design critique, not applicable anymore.
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(S)He's shaped like a pretzel. I hope the eggs are full of beer (and are made of aluminum to keep it cold).
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His wounds look like carrots from afar.
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diamondieProfessional Writer
Heh. That wasn't intentional, but it's kind of cool if they do.
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tinzart Digital Artist
Oh...poor bunny. :cry:
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diamondieProfessional Writer
My boyfriend protested that he doesn't look like he's suffering at all. I said "Well, how do you know he's suffering?" ;-P
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tinzart Digital Artist
He might enjoy being nailed ....kinky bunny. :D
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