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The unending non-holiday by diamondie, literature

Where there is will... by diamondie, literature

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The unending non-holiday by diamondie, literature

Where there is will... by diamondie, literature


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27-year old Finnish writer (author, journalist, medical writer), translator, artist and photographer living in the Netherlands. I'm hardly on DA any more, having grown tired of the abusive, lying, sociopathic admins.

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Magnolia, Dancer in the Dark, The Sea Inside, most films by Trier and Almodovar
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Bon Jovi, CMX, Bjork, Juno Reactor, The Beatles, VNV Nation, Negative Format, Biosphere, Nick Cave
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JavE, ACiDDraw, Notepad, Atlantis, PSP 9, TieraZon, Canon EOS 400D, Wacom Graphire etc

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If there were art-related superheroes, `diamondie would be the superhero for textmode art. She is, without a doubt, the uncontested queen of this medium, utilizing her power and undeniable talent to educate the community through tutorials and countless news features. Her careful nurturing of this community has helped it grow and garner attention in a world dominated by flashy colors and 3-dimensional graphics. It is because of her dedication and superhero-ness that we bestow deviousness upon `diamondie for January.
Awarded Jan 2007
It's been many years. And this year has been incredibly weird, and that doesn't even begin to cover it. I won't go into detail about the non-art stuff, but having your personality completely change in an instant, half a dozen times, has been great and fascinating but also disorienting and alienating. Last year I started recording hypnosis and meditation audios and more poetry for my YouTube channel, and those have received great feedback but alas, I got sicker and can't do that much any more. Earlier this year my beloved muse enticed me to start pencil drawing and I turned out to be pretty good at it (I thought I can't draw). I tried my hand at watercolors, which I always saw as an impossible medium, but turns out it's not. Alas, I again got sicker, as things tend to go, and have hardly been able to do any art for over six months. I've written over 250 poems this year, thanks to both my muse and the massive cognitive overhaul I've experienced. It feels like after 30+ years of
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It's been a while. A few years. Quite a few since I essentially stopped using DA because of the extremely abusive admins (my comment average is still 4.2 comments a day!). I'm not sure if anyone I know is still reading this. Lots of stuff has been happening, good and bad. The Netherlands is a wonderful place. When I got away from Finland life was great for a while. I could work 15-hour days despite the CFS/ME, thanks to LDN. I thought my nightmare was finally over. Until November 2011, when my pituitary was destroyed by sabotage. Hypopituitarism is one really shitty illness and has put me close to death more times than I can count. Also very
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Prose | Poetry | ASCII art | Pixel art | Fractal art | Vector art | Digital paintings | Traditional art | Photography | Artisan crafts | Emoticons | Wallpapers | Contest entries | Seamless textures | Designs |Tutorials | DeviantART Related | The rest Yep, my debut novel Marian ilmestyskirja (Maria's Book of Revelations) was supposed to come out in the spring, but due to various delays it has only been released now. It's in Finnish, but there is an info page in English, too, and a book trailer which is Finnish only, but very visual, so it's worth watching even if you don't know Finnish. It has gathered many positive, even glowing reviews and
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Hi, do you know anyone who could make some ASCII art for my 2 BBSes? We could work out some payment..
Sorry you have had problems on DA.
I'm  gonna follow you anyway

Thank You Watch by VKA3
you are an interesting person :)
Happy birthday! :D
diamondie? Still kicking it? Saw you on Finnish TV. It's fun to visit this community now that we're all very much grown up (well, you always were).
Thanks. I haven't really been here for years, but in case you're interested I have a blog, www.ilmestykset.net