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Justice is Coming!

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Worthington as Aquaman Would Be Cool Can't see anyone else playing Aquaman But Him
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I was all for Liam Mycintre but this pic makes him look great for the role.
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after seeing sam worthington in clash of the titans I thought he be awesome as aquaman
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Sam Worthington as Aquaman! I would love to see him portray Aquaman! Great work!
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AMAZING Poster Keith!!! Good job! Keep up the great work!!!
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i like this poster...but i think you missed the cyborg...please replace martian with the cyborg
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Ummmm...NO. "The" Cyborg? Kid, This is THE ORIGINAL Justice League. Victor Stone AKA Cyborg is a Teen Titan first & a member of the Justice League second. Martian Manhunter is just as AWESOME as Superman but surprisingly doesn't get enough credit. Read the classics & not just the new 52 ok?
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you do it then -_-
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Yea, I like Martian Manhunter 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times more than Cyborg.
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I love how you added Nolan's Batman, Green Arrow from the new tv show, Smallville's Hawkman, and Sam Worthington as Aquaman.
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The next tea of heroes
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Sam worthington as Aquaman?
Even so, it is a really cool pic!
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why does hawkman have the thunder cats logoon his chest? lol
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ummm that's the hawkman logo..... wtf -__-*
Thunder cats has a roaring tiger logo now a bird.
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We can only hope that this'll one day become a reality.
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Can you give the "cast" list? I know Superman, Batman, and the Green buddies. I can't tell the others though
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I don't know them either. I just got them from google.
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Lol, that works. If anyone knows the name of the actors playing these parts, please let me know. I'm a movie buff and would like to imagine the cast
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Very cool!!! Imagine if this were real.
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