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Justice League (Fan-Made) Movie Poster

Designed By Me
Superman by LoganChico
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Sometimes I forget that people were already making these the moment Man of Steel came out. 
I can barely get to the official posters of any comic book movie now, the internet is flooded and clogged without instantly outdated fan-posters like this.
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they know they can get a much better wonder woma.GO down t BRAZIL GET A FEMALE WRESTLER.TEACH HE R ENGLISH FOR A FEW YEARS LIKE TWO B
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Replace Bale and this would be the perfect movie.
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then there isn't going to be a batman in the movie....
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agree! Bale rocks as Batman! Dancing batman 
BatmanDeadpool's avatar
No there would be, but it would actually be a GOOD Batman, not a wimp who sounds like Cookie Monster with throat cancer.
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Well done! Pretty cool :D
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Thanks greatly for sharing this brilliantly done fan-made movie poster.
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Fabulous! Henry looks good there in the middle! :dance:
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Beautiful manupulation job!:happybounce:
In the 1990s there was a short lived live Flash TV show on CBS: [link]
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i know about that flash but i didn't want to use him
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oh my god!xD an were's bradley cooper?is flash??xP
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this is fan made by me. not the real thing.
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yes i now but but I mean if it were real serious bradley cooper Flash
DiamondDesignHD's avatar
he would be okay as Flash. Walley West Flash that is
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