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Domian Maysa Waters
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United States

When I have the free-time I'll work on my new ID (it'll be a drawing)...I need to change it: mainly because there's nothing surrounding my face to make me look good when I smile. I don't really smile in my pictures anyway, I was asked to

Domian Maysa Waters | 17 | ♀ | October 21, 2001 | ♎ | Philadelphia | Depression and Social Anxiety Disorder/Anxiety in general

if you want, you can call me by my full first name, Domian, or you could call me Dom, D, or diamndz. Childhood nicknames you can call me if you wanna are Ladybug, Mocha, boopie, fat girl/fat-fat, and this joke my mom and sister made: old lady child

I'm at my final year of high school/senior year, and it is stressing me out, trust is going by way too fast, but I gotta deal with it

I do not do requests, however I will do art trades and commissions. BUT PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DRAW. Nothing innopropriate, nothing sexual or vulgar, NO FETISHES! I feel like half of the stuff I was asked to do was full of fetishes. Please just be mindful, okay?

Also I don't do Roleplays/RP's because of terrible experiences on here, tumblr (that dumb behind website), and other stuff I don't want to think about. People (and their ocs!) say whatever they want to out of their no! Only exception is if you ask my character a question, then that's almost RPing, but not exactly. Like I said tho, nothing inappropriate

YouTube by Th3EmOo- diamndz1021 (as much as I HATE Youtube, I have nowhere else to share or watch certain videos.)

i won't even do Instagram or Pinterest anymore because I complain to them every 5 seconds. Plus from past experience/and my mom's words, I don't take criticism well. SO how do I still have this account?

Copyright 10 by Th3EmOo

for a video on how to pronounce my name:…
 I'm only doing a remake of the last one I deleted a while ago, because there are some characters that I have gotten rid of, even if they were developed...Drake, Daevy, Elliot and Jullian (tell me if you need specification on who those are) were taken out of my OC list and replaced with new characters from this list that you may have already seen

This whole concept was inspired by a project we had in 10th grade where we had to pick 2 animals that we believed represented ourselves/our personalities, and morph the two together.
as far as figuring out what animals correspond with your character's personalities, I think this is a good way to develop your least I think so, you find out more about them---and it's something you can draw out. but anyway

KakoShort tailed chinchilla (chinchillas are usually friendly and suspicious to new things. also the chubbiness of the chinchilla gave my sister and I the idea)

Miffy: American mini lop rabbit (i figured since Miffy likes rabbits and bunnies it was obvious. Rabbits can be mostly known as kind-hearted, cute and all that. And how did I even forget!? Miffy's name comes from Miffy/Nijntje the rabbit/bunny from the books and show. That was her whole inspiration!)

RonnyHampshire pig (pigs are known for being intelligent domestic animals. The intelligent part got me on that so)

Matthew:Vervet monkey (Matthew's kinda crazy so a monkey being mischievous, clever, and prankster/jokester like was pretty obvious)

Traxx: i think he could be an Ocelot. (yeah I decided to change him because last time I wrote him as a crow. Ocelots are mostly patient, determined and choose to be isolated, much lke Traxx. They also tend to be judgemental at times. serious, and a little paranoid)

StephenNorth American beaver ( wasn't meant to be a stereotype. like the whole connection to Canada... I just thought a beaver would be a cute choice for Stephen. Beavers are known for being well organized and determined, which I guess he can be sometimes, even though Stephen is mostly childish and random,  and sometimes enthusiastic) 

ShawnGloucestershire old spot hog (just because I chose pig for Ronny and Shawn and Ronny are brothers, I had to do the same animal species. so that's kind of the only reason. Shawn is very intelligent, and from his speech you can tell, he tends to use big words, he's also very creative and a virtuoso but idk if that applies to pigs)

SkyeDoberman pinscher (I totally see Skye as a dog! The certain breed was just a random decision. Dogs can be full of energy at times, but they can also be lazy. Skye likes playing sports, but for the most part she never feels like moving)

XanayScarlet macaw (well they are really colorful, and they are known to be beautiful, sassy and filled with energy....okay Xanay isn't sassy all the time, maybe it's more of a face she makes, but I still thought it was a cute idea)

TristanWestern gorilla (okay so since I chose monkey for Matthew i thought this would go somewhat with it but not exactly----idk (Tristan and Matthew are brothers). Some gorillas are known to be agressive and gruff, and desire attention, so yeah)

Cole: African lion (this was kind of an obvious choice just by looking at Cole. This site says that they are energetic and strong, respect strength in others and have no time for subtlety. Yeah, it's kinda close, but Cole is a little more laid-back.)

Absadee: she loves dancing, she is mostly amiable and sweet, though can be a bit sassy and sometimes I choose a---a Coquerel's sifaka lemur...remember the show Zoboomafoo? that's what he was)

Charlotte: Egyptian fruit bat (bats are known for being intelligent, spiritual, creative)

JJ:Indian flying fox (Charlotte and JJ are siblings so I had to make them the same animal, even if it is technically a different type. for the same reasons as Charlotte with the personality types as well..also unrelated but Charlotte and JJ are sometimes mistaken for twins...Charlotte is older)

Kyle: Brown bear (i thought a bear kinda suited Kyle in the first place. Like---they seem all cuddly yet they're agressive sorta thing. They'll attack/defend if threatened. Difference is, you can hug Kyle, but you might not want to hug a bear. They'll tear you apart. unless you were me from this one dream I had where this bear came through my window and I tried to talk to it)

Heath: White Bengal tiger (these kinds of tigers are usually solitary, like how Heath lives by himself, and they save keen eye sight and sharp hearing. I'd say he does. idk what else to say. I think another option would be a gray wolf, but it's way too common, especially with fursonas)

Frank CarruthCommon nightingale (Frank Carruth makes his living as a singer/song-writer and nightingales are known for their powerful and beautiful song. he's also got an ego, but that's besides the point...maybe it relates to the animal maybe it doesn't, idk)

Warren: Polar bear (these bears, like Warren...they look all chill (pun intended) and serene, but they are strong and determined, idealistic, and sensitive.  most of y'all saw me as a polar bear from an old poll i had.)

Flash: Cheetah (cheetahs are known for being fast land animals, and Flash got his nickname for his speed. Though cheetahs are known for being solitary, Flash tries to talk to others---except he talks too much)

Gavin: African elephant (my favorite animal!) (there's usually a stereotype of elephants, despite their huge size, they are anxious about nearby sounds or movement they can't identify. Yeah Gavin is on the anxious side, he also cries a lot, and elephants are known to be expressive...based on that description, that's the kind of animal i see myself as)

Troy: Sea otter (They're easily distracted, sometimes self-doubtful, yet intelligent and good problem solvers.  seemed like a good match up.)

Reza: Red panda (they're energetic, curious, and playful, but are also viewed as awkward and clumsy)

D.W.: Panther/Puma (courageous, powerful, beautiful and fierce. i think that suits DW)

(I never said this about the next character, Jordan, but he was originally part of a project where I made rip offs of my older group of main characters/originally being a rip off of JJ) 

Jordan: (now Jordan can be pretty relaxed at times, he's somewhat graceful and secretive (his secret: he used to take ballet), he likes to keep organized and neat, and he can get really competetive, especially when it comes to his favorite sport, basketball. he's a bit multifaceted...i say he could be a--Cygnini swan? (yeah  just learned about the Cygnini name, it's odd sounding)
Kingston: (so he's basically a rip off of Chris Brown in the early 2000s (my childhood) especially from the way he sings and dances. Kingston can be slightly self-absorbed at times, but at the same time you can tell he cares about others, but one of the biggest parts of his personality is his jealousy. If he sees someone who can do a certain skill he likes, he wants to do it BETTER. He'd be a snake, to specifiy, Jamaican boa

Keith: (hm....well, he'll always be telling people about his girlfriend and what they do together, and how he's always buying stuff for her....his girlfriend is imaginary and he's secretly desparate for a real girl , but he really loves singing. He has slight stage fright/anxiety, and overall I can't think of anything for him, so my sister chose a Mockingbird when we did this before...I see him as either a bird or a dog, maybe a Boerboel)

Rhys: (my sister chose a Fennec fox independent and cuddly when they wanna be)

Leo: (I have two ideas. either a Silver laced Wyandotte rooster (they can be overconfident intellects, outgoing, skillful, quick minded and hot tempered.), or since his last name is King, a lion! (specifically a East African Lion, because he has farther Malawi roots) They're both shown to be powerful and courageous

Flix: (she mostly acts lazy and into her own thing, but when Flix wants to be, emphasis on WANTS TO BE, she's revealed to be smart and a little faster than you think...i can't explain much well butshe also has two ideas. either a Two toed sloth (mostly because there's a stereotype about sloths being lazy and slow, or a bulldog, because I sort of visualize her as a dog)

Brody: (my sister thought he could be a Golden albino axolotl because we needed a sea creature somewhere...even tho they're amphibians technically--- and axolotls are known to be unique and a little kooky. alternatively, maybe a chimpanzee?)

ShannonNorthern short tailed shrew  (maybe the cute aspect. shrews have keen senses, they plan for the future, always have advice----ok by some point you can tell im looking up stuff, right?)

Anthony SnyderBald eagle (eagles are known to be attractive, self-confident and impatient..eagles are known to be effervescent, too, but I'm not too sure if that applies to Snyder)

: (so he's mysterious, a little childish, loves to have a good laugh, and is very creative. I'm thinking two things: maybe he can be an Aye-aye? idk I was actually thinking about Maurice from Madagascar, but I have no idea if that's the kind he is, or a Megabat. I was trying to think of animals with big noses, but I wasn't finding anything fitting. I guess the megabat works.)

Rudy: Peacock  (male peacocks are kinda described as sexy, flashy flamboyant/show offs and admired by others...I wouldn't say Rudy is too admired  or a couple of the other stuff but since he likes to dress in weird costumes and photobomb other people in the city, I think it kinda relates to him)

CreepBlack Angus bull (is that unfitting for him? because I'm not sure. bulls are (of course stubborn) helpful, humorous, loyal and confident. good fit)

Wolf: Giant panda (well pandas are big, peaceful and known to have gentle strength. I think a panda was a good choice for Wolf, it's cute. Of course, I wasn't gonna do the most obvious thing and make him a wolf)

PeteHog nosed skunk (they're curious, stubborn, and'll get into anything. i was gonna make a "AND THEY STANK!" joke, but Pete doesn't necessarily stink. Well, it depends. for all i know i can make a bad running gag with people complaining about his smell.)

Ian: Zebra (their self-confident behaviors may be perceived as selfish or egotistical to some, but they are loyal, intelligent, and get quickly angered.)

Genevieve: Striped hyena (hyenas are known to be energetic and outgoing, and while she may be outgoing, she doesnt go all out with the energy. Though hyenas are known to be very charming. that much is obvious with her)

IngridVioletear hummingbird (I think I was looking for something with wings for her anyway. Well the hummingbird is energetic, nosy, and extroverted, and I think that's pretty accurate for her

If I feel like I should change something, you all know I will about a hundred times. I might turn this into a video, I'm not sure, but I will be doing this for other characters soon


normally I don't do shoutouts and this is gonna be short and awkward but I got to say Happy Birthday to Mary J Blige!! Balloons V4  
I JUST LOST LIKE 10 WATCHERS OUT OF ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE! WHAT'S GOING ON???? I know I really shouldn't worry about that but this doesn't make sense!!
it's always like when I get one new watcher, 100 leave!

sometimes I don't know why I even bother being on here
It's really a shame that people really don't know how to stop cussing every 5 seconds in their speech. Its disrespectful and it really dissapoints me. 
(Minor part but that's a part of why I need to delete my older status updates and comments) 
If anyone's even on my page I have a question... how do you delete old status updates? 
correction: on the app? like where it says activity? is there no way to get rid of them? because I see a symbol but its probably not for "delete"


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