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I suppose women love a genius more rich men and/or athletes.

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I guess you could say his Spider-Sense is tingling.

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Who are the girls 
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Top (left to right): Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) and Gwen Stacy
Bottom (left to right): Silk, Susan Storm (I think), Jessica Drew (Spider Woman), Julia Carpenter (Arachne), and Spider-Gwen
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Is it a Dream or A Nightmare???
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Looks like Spidey just hit the jackpot. 🌟 And I bet that's his 💭s.
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Smoooooooooooooove Peter Parkaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
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they forgot Dazzler.
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And Carol Danvers
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Just imagine if Spiderman was a Harem H-Seires
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Guy has slept with over a dozen women, not even Bruce gets laid that often
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You lucky bastard
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Great work from both of you!
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Just needs to throw 5 appearing in the lower part of the picture out into the cold, preemptively wiping their memory of Peter, and make the rest canon:D And maybe give Felicia her supersoldier serum back...
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Reminds me of the fan-fiction, the Gwen Stacy Syndrome. It's a shame that the writer stopped. 
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I wish I was that lucky(but maybe it’s a good thing I’m not. Too many girls after me, lol).
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What about you? Would you like this many girls taking an interest in you?
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Sometimes enough is enough... and sometimes someone goes outright overboard. Just imagine that they'll all call you at roughly the same time and ask for help? Even if you're all open and comfortable with such an arrangement, no amount of superpowers can pay up all of maintenance such a relationship will require of you. And this is without taking job, superheroing, kids and even SLEEP into account.
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You know, a hero can get use to this. Spider-Man emoticon static 
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So Peter has 2 Gwens, Mary Jane, Felicia (Black Cat), Jessica Drew (Spiderwoman), Cindy Moon (Silk). I thnk the last two are Sue Storm (In Future Foundation) and the venom girl is Anya?
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