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Death Note : Recreation

Dessin tiré du générique de Death Note
Redessiné par Rob Duenas : [link]
Colorisé par moi

Death Note : Tsugumi Ōba et Takeshi Obata

Site web : [link]
Da photo : [link]

DL for HQ
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So... who transported a renaissance artist to the future?

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Hey there, Could i have a version of this picture without the watermark please? I really really want to have a tattoo like this but this certain version is the best one! 
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that is awesome as F**k!!
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Woah, great pic o.O
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truly amazing
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Trully amazing.
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Wow... this is... wow... wonderful pal :D
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So amazingly brilliant, perhaps we could get without a watermark and text, and in a higher resolution?
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i would not have wanted to be the guy who colored that
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this picture is so cool!!!!!!!! Dance! 
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Les effets avec l'ombre sont genials et les coleurs sont comme dans l'orginal!
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Hello I would also love to HQ version so i may print a poster and place it upon my wall  it would be gear to have an artist signature on it some were as well
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Is it possible to get/buy this in maximum resolution (original file or something) and without the watermark and credits? I'd really love to print that one as a poster and hang it on my wall.
Daniel / raiseer
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I found it, but it still has the text at the bottom right corner…
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no sorry I can't; I'm only the colorist, not the drawer
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