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Carol Danvers and Peter Parker

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I bet there probably a random Earth in the marvel maltiverse were Peter and Carol hooked up.

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If only she weren't a woke mess right now.

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SpiderMarvel forever

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seductive and erotic, not sleazy. Kudos!

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Peter, you can do better.

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Dear author this image is GREAT.

How about create something like this but this time with Spider-Man in company of Poison Ivy or Barbara Anne Minerva/Cheetah from Wonder Woman comics story ark:

Who is Wonder Woman.?

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Love it.
But am I the only who would’ve found this even sexier if this was Carol when she was miss marvel/a complete bombshell with long blond hair?
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How about drawing Peter Parker and Wanda Maximoff together

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Tell that to the artist, not me😅😂
I’m just pitching a better idea for THIS pairing
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I prefer the old look.

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Somehow this pairing just feels right.:)

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Still doesn’t beat the steaminess that is black cat & spidey😏
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True enough. But just about any Marvel female character hooking up with Spidey would generate a lot of steam.;)

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Minus the that one chick whose kiss literally transformed Pete into a spider🤢
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Oh yeah,I forgot about that one. :ashamed:

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😧 wow okay it sounds like she was trying to force herself on him nearly violating him in the worst way possible jeez I’m glad he escaped from her

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But he then turned into a gigantic spider🤢 seriously, that whole comic iwas fucked up
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Wow! Love it. Very hot and colorful. :-)

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