San Diego Comic Con 2012!

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It's that time of year again! I will be at San Diego Comic Con beginning preview night on July 11th all the way through to the 15th at BOOTH #4403. We have tons of stuff planned this year including my new artbook GROUNDWORKS:The Marvel Art of MARK BROOKS as well as a ton of new prints and lithographs. Here's a complete list of what you can expect:

ORIGINAL ART - including some recent covers for X-Men Legacy and interiors from his run on Uncanny X-Force as well as a portfolio of older art with reduced pricing.

NEW ART BOOK – Groundworks – The Marvel Art of Mark Brooks.  This is a beautiful hard back, full color autographed book for $25.  Get more details at this link:…
                        The artbook can also be preordered if you are not able to attend the show by simply e-mailing with the subject "GROUNDWORKS"

NEW PRINTS & LITHOGRAPHS – Check out these gorgeous 13x19" prints each $20, click link to see an image:
·         Red Phoenix, Green Phoenix and *exclusive limited run of 50 White Phoenix* The Red and Green are $20 each and for sale individually, but the white variant is ONLY available if you purchase both red and                green for total package price of $50. Pick up a package before they sell out!
·         Battle Rogue
·         X-Men Legacy cover – no image is available, but it's GREAT!
·         X-Men Legacy – Msr. Marvel
·         Additional lithos: Queen of Hearts, DC Sirens, Baroness, Black Cat, and oversized Thor art print ($30)

COMMISSION SKETCHES – He will take a short list on Thursday and then cherry pick off the list.  Commissions will be $400 for a full body, pencil, ink and grey scale piece.

We are really excited and looking forward to seeing some of you at BOOTH #4403!  Let me know if you have any questions.  And for more regular updates on what's happening – please follow both me and my lovely wife on twitter for updates throughout the show @MarkBrooksArt and @BrideOfDiablo.

  I will be at multiple panels this year!
-The Deviantart panel on Saturday July 14th from noon-1pm in Room 2, Upper level, Hall A (this is on the opposite side of the convention center from where it was last year)…
-How to compose a cover with Mark Brooks- Friday, July 13 from 2:30pm-4:30pm(check program guide for location). This is an hour long session on the composition and illustration of a cover and will give you insight on how a cover is made. This is an interactive session so please bring paper and something to write/draw with. This is going to be a ton of and I hope you will plan to attend!
- Lastly, I will be signing at the Marvel booth from 1-2pm on Thursday so come by and get your books signed as well as free sketches!

Happy SDCC!!!
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Hope ya do well at the Convention. :star:
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Wish you a great Comic Con Mark! :D
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That book looks insane!
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I'm interested in your Cover panel... the time shows 2 hours but the description says it's only 1.
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It's supposed to be 2 hours but I don't know if I can talk that long so it will go as long as it goes not to exceed 2 hours.
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Cool, thanks for the quick feedback. Looking forward to the panel.
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Good luck at the zoo, wish I could come see you all.
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Hey Mark,

Look forward to hopefully seeing you there on Saturday or Sunday. Your work continues to become more phenomenal each year, man.
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Can't wait to see you there! :la: Travel safe. :heart:
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Comic Con? Godspeed!
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