Michael Turner's passing

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For anyone that might not have heard the news today, we lost one of the comic greats last night. Michael Turner, after waging a valiant fight with Cancer for the last 7+ years, Passed away last night at the age of 37.
  To say I knew Mike would be a vast overstatement since I only saw him once or twice a year and it was usually just to say hello but I knew many of his friends very well and have come up in the industry hearing stories of Mike's kindness and devotion to his thousands of fans and the smile that always donned his face even when the Cancer he suffered from was at it's worst. year after year, even when in great pain, Mike would travel around the country to as many conventions as he could to show his appreciation to anyone that loved him or his work as well as pumping out cover after cover month in and month out even when the pain got so bad that he had to draw flat on his back. Mike set an example for all of us to follow whether it be work ethic or a general positive outlook on life even when things are at their worst.
  They say that an artist is special because he or she is the only being in the world that is immortal. The works they create can live on forever far after the artist is gone. Mike proved this by showing all of us what is possible with hard work and determination and he created characters and worlds that will stand the test of time and keep him living in the artwork he drew.
  If you knew Michael or his work, please take a moment tonight to pray for Mike as well as all the family and friends that are mourning his loss. If you're not familiar with Mike, please take a second to look him up and see the kind of art he created. We lost one of the great ones today at far too young an age and our industry is poorer for it.

If you would like to send condolences to Michael's family you are encouraged to do so. Please send them to:

Aspen MLT, Inc.
C/O Michael Turner
5855 Green Valley Circle, Suite 111
Culver City, CA, 90230

His company Aspen Comics is also encouraging anyone wishing to do so to send a charitable donation big or small in Mike's name to The American Cancer Society www.cancer.org/docroot/home/in… or the Make-A-Wish Foundation www.wish.org/help?s_kwcid=make…|917760391

Till we meet again,
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NightJian28Student General Artist
I grew up reading his comics, and during the most important revolutionary stage of my art style was mostly influenced by him. Rest in peace brother, and thank you, you've taught me something that I still use promptly today.
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AesgrathProfessional Digital Artist
CHOSENBLOODStudent Traditional Artist
Hey this guy thought me how to draw. Well not really But I have all his books. Man this happens to all my favorite artist. Nick Manabat, Steve Huge,
now Micheal Turner. Grrrrr.
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Do know about the rest but this brilliant artist has impacted my life
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furan-sanProfessional Digital Artist
Why is it that the good (and young ones) die?

I'm saddened and embarrassed to have known this terrible news too late.
I wasn't a fan of his style, but I respected it for the great amount of detail
and soul he poured into it, something I still have to learn myself. I can only
admire him for drawing during the pain he was going through. He died doing
what he loves and there is no greater death than that. Still, a great loss to the
comic industry.

My deepest condolences to his fans and his family.
Michael Turner, do rest in peace.
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SueSideHobbyist General Artist
I always say that it's stupid to regret someone who is well-known instead of poor childs dying in poor countries. But I will regret this artist, even if I never knew him. The thing is that I learnt how to draw by reproducing his masterpieces. Rest In Paradise
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Mike Turner's art was what inspired me to get into comics in the first place. I always wanted to meet him and say, "Thank you," and he passed away on the very day I registered for design classes at RISD last summer. I cried so hard, and I occasionally still do now and then.

I think what you wrote about an artist being immortal is absolutely right. As one of the DC posters for Final Crisis (if I am remembering the correct DC event) read, "Heroes die -- Legends live forever".

I give my condolences to his family and friends. I would also like to say the following, if I may:

Mike, if you are reading this from the great beyond, thank you for giving my life's path direction and meaning by inspiring me to do what I love and love what I do. I will never forget you or how you helped me.

So, even though today is my birthday and I could be spending it laying around or enjoying myself, I am going to spend it practicing my art, like you inspired me to do.

Thank you so much.
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chungusamongusHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know it's been a while but I just read the previous...What a shame it is to lose such a talented and influential person. I'll be keeping his family in my prayers.
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bluebrian200xProfessional Traditional Artist
i was a fan of his Fathom .......his artwork is great and detailed

i m shock to heard tis

may his soul rest in peace....
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*sighs* Sad for me I just stumbled upon this Turner was an amazing guy not just an amazing artist as long as we remember him he is never truly gone
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FrostmanbluesStudent General Artist
May he rest in peace.
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Burger-mania03Hobbyist Interface Designer
man this news shock me!!!!! he was my inspiration in illustrating, i like his work his style!!! man!!!! see you when you get there men!!! R.I.P
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RIP, Micheal Turner
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DemonX01Hobbyist General Artist
RIP mike. you`ll always be one of my favourite artists.
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en la eternidad Turner
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twistedcortexHobbyist Traditional Artist
One of the greatest cartoonists that we will ever know.
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VaneaXC Traditional Artist
I´m very late but, R.I.P. We´ll miss you Michael. :cry: :rose:
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I am ashamed to say that I am only now learning of his passing. He has been my favorite artist for years and the comic industry will never be the same. RIP
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this made me sad.
deepest condolences to turner family.
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...the f*cking cancer !!!
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After Dave Stevens death which affected me Mickeal Turner who was too young to die. the greatest goes first.
Among all super vilain I think the worst of them is the c
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Oh So sad I loved his work, and will always love it, he was a great artist
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ShmeeizerHobbyist Digital Artist
He will be missed by many. We really lost one of the greats.
His legacy is enormous!
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Rest in peace Mr. Turner...
My condolences to his families and friends.
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