It's Spreading

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So I'm going through some photos from the New York Comicon that I took and discovered this among the shots. Never noticed it until now.

Then I'm going through my wallet to pay for a soda at the store and found this among the crumpled bills.

Now today, I'm surfing online and find this.

Very weird indeed.


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Do you think you will be attending the San Diego comic con this month?
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At first I thought it was the Tetragrammaton symbol from the movie Equilibrium. And then I realized that I need to look more closely. :D
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O_O IS That picture below the bill moving or AM i just trippen out here lol XD
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You're eating crunchy nerds and drinking Mountain Dew at the same time? I imagine that'd make a person wired beyond belief. Scary...
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holy wow

that's creepy
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Hey Mark,

Still having the issue on Drawstick forums. I posted in the "Got a question" topic over a month ago...would appreciate it if you could help me out here.
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not you too....
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Holy crap! Jersey Boys the musical!
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Mark, did you think your journal would end up yielding national, political and historical facts when you originally posted? lol
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And now I've definitely got to join in the madness. That is one epic photomanip.
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Hi all,

I will tell you the answer for 1 dollar. Just note me and I will give you my paypal adress :)
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People are wising up to the dellec craze. Regardless of it's purpose, if it got people off their asses to create art, then I'm all for it. Hell, I threw something together for fun because the inspiration hit me. People are getting smarter though. I have noticed some people going back into their galleries and adding "dellec" to their art keywords to get their pieced noticed by more people. Those people are the smart cookies. Why work for the campaign, when the campaign can work for you.

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I swear that last one is moving when I'm not looking at it!

Also, what the hell?
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Does this mean that the mystery is not yet revealed? wasnt it for the Jellen comic or something like that?
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there's one of this things in the window! :ohnoes:
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All I've gotten out of this whole "it's spreading" thing is that Mark Brooks is a racist. Bad PR man... lol
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I like how the symbol is a shadow under the blonde woman. This stuff is weird. I'm compelled to do some kind of fan art for it.

Is that weird? LOL.
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Thanks so much for my morning giggle. Now I can start my day.
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woo, lookit it spin o(@p@)o
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long live viral marketing. or not.
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