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It's convention season again and as always, I will be making the rounds both in the US and abroad. Here's a full list of appearances and I hope to meet a lot of you this year. If we've already met, well, I hope to see you again! Lot of new stuff in the works including a new 'art of' book featuring my Marvel work over the years that will include sketches, concept work. and finished pieces, most of it has never been seen beyond myself and my editors.

Phoenix Comic-Con Phoenix, AZ- May 24-27 2012
HeroesCon- Charlotte, NC- June 22-24 2012
San Diego Comic-Con- San Diego, CA- July 12-15 2012
*Singapore Comic-Con- Sept 1-2, 2012
*DragonCon- Atlanta, GA-  August 31-Sept 3, 2012
New York Comic-Con- New York, NY- Oct 11-14, 2012

*projected conventions that may be subject to change

On another note, I have gotten numerous requests for portfolio reviews and want to work out a way I can do reviews but in a public manner so that everyone can read my ramblings and possible learn a little something. This would involve people submitting their portfolios(4 pages of sequentials and a cover or 2) and I will post them up in a journal and proceed to critique it. To do this you would need to have 2 things- 1) a tough skin that can take the bad with the good and 2) be willing to be critiques in front of the whole world(or at least Deviantart). I am by no means an a**hole and won't go out of my way to hurt anyone's feeling but I will be completely honest and honesty can sometimes be brutal. If you're up for it please send me a private note with links to each page(maximum 4 and they should one continuous story) and cover of your work that you would like critiqued. If you already have the pages hosted on a image linkable site like Photobucket, all the better! I will pick one that I think will best help the artist and the greater DA public and post it in a week or 2. Good luck!

I also still have copies of my artbook Angelic for online order so, if you would like a copy, shoot me an e-mail at with the subject line "Angelic artbook" and we will get back to you with order instructions. Only a few boxes left and when they're gone, they're gone.

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WOW! Can't wait to meet you at Singapore Convention!!! :D
Hope you have a fun time at the conventions. :)
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Picked up a GORGEOUS Elektra commission today from Mark, and I love it...not like I didn't already know it, but Mark is one badass pimp on those copics and I'm grateful to finally get my first Brooks commission!!! No worries Mark I'll get a scan to you as promised, and thanks again!!!
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Sounds like your going to be busy. Have a great time at each convention.
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Do you ever come to Boston if so I would definatly be there!?
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Always look forward to seeing you and your wife at Heroes bro. Catch you there again soon !
dafacles's avatar
SO excited you will be at comic con! I plan to buy a LOT to frame on my walls. Hopefully some X-ladies for my "wall of epic superladies"
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Yay see u in N.Y.C again!
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ArtisticlyLicensed's avatar
Woohoo! See you @ DragonCon!!
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That's really good of you to offer.

Prepare to be swamped! lol

Hoping to maybe see you at the NY Con.
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see you @ SDCC!! bring some new stuff ;P
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I'd like to try and get back down to Dragon this year, you're going to some awesome cons that I'll never be able to afford to go to! XD Have fun!
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See you at PCC in May..
Reckless-Buddah's avatar
How about South Africa, Cape Town - for "Free Comic Book day" as we have dubbed it :D
Our very own humble attempt :D
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sounds great, mark!!! Thanks!!
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Sounds like a busy schedule. Have a great time!
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