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Every week I get a handful of requests to review or critique an up and coming artist's work either through e-mail, Facebook, Myspace, or Deviantart. I'm usually too strapped for time be able to oblige mostly because it takes a long time to give the work it's proper attention and typing out a critique is far less effective than actually speaking with the artist. Recently, I have come up with a way to give portfolio reviews verbally without having to type a long critique as well as help others that might not be having their portfolio reviewed but could still take in a lot of knowledge by listening in. Each week a portfolio will be chosen from the submissions and reviewed live during our Tuesday podcast on Breaking the Panel on….
If you want to have your portfolio reviewed live on the air during an episode of Breaking the Panel please put your submission pages in this thread… on the Drawstick Art Forums along with your name, age, and any other information you would like to include. You will need to register for the forum to be able to submit your pages Please keep your submission to no more than 4 sequential pages and 1 cover.
It's very important to realize that your work will be shown via a link and discussed LIVE during the show by me and a panel of other artists. We will be doing a real hard nose critique that will be fair and honest. We will be telling you and the other listeners what you are doing right and, more importantly, what you are doing wrong and how to possibly fix them. You will need to have a tough skin and be able to take a critique if you want to submit. You will also be invited to call in if you would like to participate live but it's not required to be chosen. The episode will also be available on itunes immediately after the show ends. Only one portfolio will be chosen each week since we will be spending a good amount of time discussing the submission and wouldn't have time to do more than one.
  It's also important to mention that I, in no way, consider myself an expert on comic art or critiquing other's work. I am just a guy that has worked in comics for a good while and have learned a lot through my experience. My only hope is that I can pass on a little of what I've learned and help some people in getting where they want to go faster.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing what you guys submit!



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This is such a great idea, I'd love to try this with my writing students! It IS a wonderfully generous thing for you to do and ingenious to boot!
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that's awesome... I will be sure to let fellow college students know about this who are trying to get into that field! :)

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I crave critique, but nobody in my surroundings can really give me anything substantial on what I make... :( I am critique-deprived!

Definately a great oppertunity for anyone who submits :)
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damn, this is such a cool opportunity, you're a good guy for doing this=]
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I once critiqued this one person, it was nothing big, and he blocked me!
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I know some people who want critiques but can't take them. Hopefully these people who ask for them really are serious about getting better.XD
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I'm sold!
I'll be sending mine soon!
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I will be doing this :) (and listening as well). thanks for giving!
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I applaud you for doing this. I wish I had comic work to show right now.
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I'll ad myself there, I hope someday I got chosen, I like to have people critique my stuff, that's my fuel to keep going
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what day what time?
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But, but.... Mr. Mr! I need you to comment on my stick figure drawings! Come on, I got a portfolio with 150 double sided pages in it. How long could it possibly take for you to review mine, and the 247 people on line behind me? I'll buy a $10 print off your table here at the con if you review it.

Okay, sorry,just having a flash back to the San Diego Comic Con...
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That's the best way to critique some pics, it's easier and faster ;)
Some people do the same thing in CGTalk forums ;) ( by painting over, kinda the same )
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This is great. I am not sure why you wouldn't call yourself an expert at comic art, though. People who are wanting their art critiqued by you think of you as an expert.
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That's awesome, I'll have to listen in when I have time. :D
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Hey, Mark,
This might make an interesting feature for Sketch Magazine... Think about it and let me know.
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thats a cool thing of you to be doing :)
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wow, great, that awesome:D
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great to know.

now I need the balls
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Wow. I like that kind of gives the illusion of being able to talk to the person one-on-one like the art teachers do for their students, as opposed to using a virtual medium to converse.

Cool idea, man!
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Well, you won't be seeing any of my work there ('cause critiquing stick figures is kind of pointless ;) ) but I'd just like to say that it's very cool of you to be offering help of that nature; giving proper critiques can be a time-consuming endeavour!
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Hello there! Can I add this iniciative to my list here [link] ? Thank you for your time ^-^
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A great thing you've got going on with this. I'm a humble hobby-ist myself, and in my mind not an exceptionally skilled one at that. So I doubt I'd ever require such a service, since I have no portfolio to speak of. It's no less fantastic what you're doing though, critiques are a valuable learning tool to those that are willing to listen and regard them accordingly.
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Thanx for that Mark, it's a great idea. I would love to be reviewed except I'm a colorist. Am I still eligible?
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