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August 2, 2004
Ultimate Silver Samurai by *diablo2003 is an exquisite work of art, rich in detail and super-fine in craftsmanship.
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Ultimate Silver Samurai

Just a piece done for fun. A depiction of what Ultimate Silver Samurai for Marvel might look like. Pencils by me and colors by the amazing Brian Reber!! Enjoy!!

Don't forget the Drawstick messageboard at [link] and the Capcom art contest. Read all about it in my most recent journal entry.
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Lightning-Mover256's avatar
His name is Keniuchio Harada, and he looks so badass!!
CrownedDracu's avatar
reminds me of shredder from tmnt
Makosharkman's avatar
very well drawn.
ZeusThunderer's avatar
but can he take on the gold samurai?
AncientEchidna's avatar
Truly amazing artwork. =)
LorenzoDesco's avatar
this is a bloody awesome sketch, i love the detail!!
ThePockyQueen's avatar
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pjcyto's avatar
Not to be confused with the Steel Samurai from the Ace Attorney production. Now that would be a great fight to see. Who's the champion of Olde Neo Tokyo!
Jetxor's avatar
This. Is. Epic.
cykefan22's avatar
This is amazing
Awsome look, is this the design choosed for the new Wolverine movie.

He look exactly the same as a toy i see today on the web ?

Check this ^^

conorhulgraine26's avatar
fuckin awesome i love samurai! great job!
Kailam-K's avatar
samuraijeachtmaster's avatar
W6C's avatar
Harada never looked so bad ass! Great job!
xtiangatuz's avatar
Awesome! I'll gonna cosplay this version of Silver Samurai soon as a tribute to this ass-kickin' artwork!!!
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