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I was getting ready to go to Star Wars Celebration in L.A. a few weeks ago when I found out that we would have backdrops behind our booth that we were supposed to use to show artwork on. Realizing that I have very little Star Wars art in my portfolio I sat down and penciled, inked and colored these 2 pieces up in about 3 hours each. Both pieces stood about 4 feet tall on either side of my booth and, while far from my finest work did the trick for such a rush job.
Thanks to everyone that came out to Star wars Celebration! You guys are the reason I go to these shows and I had a blast meeting everyone. Hope we can do it again very soon.


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Cut them too. :-)
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This is sooooo awesome, great work!!
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Happy star wars day!
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I had finally hit rock bottom this came at perfect timing for me this showed that money is power I had to share this with someone
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Wow, Padme reminds me of a geisha!
AdrenalineRush1996's avatar
Indeed, especially the kimono she's wearing in the picture.
comic-geek-designer's avatar
shall the force be with you,young Jedi!
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These are incredible, I love them!!
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Great pictures! :)
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Nice detailing. I miss it when a new movie got out, it sent chills down my spine just like this artwork.
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Keep up the great work it is fantastic!
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JeremyJ2932's avatar
So.......good. 0.o
Abinition's avatar
Words cant describe
How much I love this
Medjugore's avatar
Massive piece of Artwork, both are splendid, exactly the way i wanted to see it, nice shot!
RubineCoronet's avatar
Oh my God, that is soooo adorable!
Zelda12343's avatar
Incredible! Very realistic and well-drawn.
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I'm pretty sure my head would explode with that much detail.
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Your art has been featured on our Awesome Alt Art blog! You can check it out at: [link]

All the best!
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