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Spider-man issue 4 page 1

This is the first page for Marvel Age: Spider-man number 4 which will feature Spider-man fighting Dr. Doom. This is by far my favorite page from the entire 4 issue series Dan and I did so I thought it was high time I put it up. This, in my opinion, is some of Danimation's finest work as is evident in the reflections in the goggles and other small details. I made the image purposely big so you can see all the little things Dan and I did in this piece. If you ever make it out to one of the bigger cons in the U.S. come by and find me since I usually sell copies of this as prints.
Pencils my me and colors by the amazing DANIMATION!!

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Art Print for Purchase? Or at least High Res Image File?
Absolutely flawless composition, in my eyes..

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Beautiful and amazing work!!!
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Spiderman was my childhood!
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I remember when my brother was obsessed with Spider man :)

So he says that he the he doesn't remember any of this but he's clearly lieing
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The dude in the bottom with blonde hair looks like David Bowie
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This is awesome dude! :D
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this is where i got introduced to your artwork.
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This is the kind of thing that proves I need to get more into comics. Such beautiful work. Now I just need to find the time to read them.....
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You should work for Marvel comics. This artwork is incredible
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hello banned accoubt
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love this style! but i love Bagley more :))
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Wow... the comic looks so cool and detailed!
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first i didnt understand what does clitimate mean but then i read it ultimate,anyway its amazing,i like spiderman,but you made it in an awesome style keep it up bro.
I had finally hit rock bottom I was able to regain my independence using this these days im making my way to the top take a look at what I mean
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Damn that's good! I just can't do scenes like this. Never could. Respect! :-)
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you are a Marvel-designer!I didn't know it!
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Lost for words.
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