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Joker painting

This is a painting done during HeroesCon this past Summer and auctioned off during their big Saturday night art auction. I worked very large on this one with the board measuring around 20X30" and done in watercolor, prismacolor and chalk pastels.
When I was a kid it seemed like there were these really creepy clown paintings that every kid seemed to have in their room so I was kind of going for that type of look.

Hope you dig!

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this is great! love all his buttons!
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Very cool painting
Here's a link to the finished and framed piece: [link]

and no, you can't have it
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Man this pick is pretty :)
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A wonderful new version on the Joker. I like that he doesn't have the white clown makeup, normal skin tones suit this one and that wild green spiky hair great job. I know you were going for the scary clown picture and yes i had one as a kid,scared the hell of me then,now have a great appreciation of the character that's why I am such a big Joker fan today I think. You made him scary. bravo
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"bush" hahahahahahahah j'adore! :D
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What have u done to his face it doesn't remind me the joker .
The coloring of the face is not pale enough , his hair !
I know your trying to make ur on version but still it doesn't look like the joker.

ps if get this message can u replie and if u could look at my art.
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I LOVE this!! I have been trying to find an image of Harley Quinn with an AK47 to compliment the beautiful Mary Jane image that you did that is now on my arm... is there anyway to get you to maybe sketch something like that up to kinda coincide with Ms. Watson??
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luv it!
great look for him, luv the Bush pin & watchmen pin too.
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Very nice!Mark you is the best!
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awesome work,crazy and wild, let the game begin:)
great work
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I love the colors, they're so vibrant!
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Awesome, love the realism in the face. How much did he auction off for? I'm really curious.
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Very nice once again lol
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Hey Mark this is a really good piece, very different from you your usual a good way though!

I really look up to you as an artist, I've probably told you that at some point in the past but I'm saying it again. I added you on Facebook so I can ask you art related stuff if its cool with you. My name is Kosta, cool thanks a lot man keep up the awesome work!

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Terrible awsome man!
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sorry; just a small critique: he looks more like he's growling angrily than smiling insanely because you drew both sets of teeth. Usually when someone smiles, you only sees the top set of teeth. Of course, I've seen people pull it off with maniac smiles with two sets of teeth, but it's always harder, and in your case the joker looks kinda pissed off.
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Über awesome!!!
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I love too much your dynamic style!
He's wearing a Watchmen badge. That's crazy tight. Way to pay homage.
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