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been a good long while since I've added anything to my DA gallery but I'm loving the new redesign for the site so thought I'd throw something new up!

this is the promo image for the new X-men launch at Marvel titled House of X and Power of X. Features a lot of past, present, and future X-men and X-villians. 37 in total I believe, can you name them all?

Rendered in warm and cool grey  markers and colored in photoshop.
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read power of x to learn who she is.

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This is wicked!

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Wow, this is amazing and beautiful!!!

This is incredible

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What to do when you cant even draw...
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your greatest work... so far. very inspiring!!!
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Once of your best works!! looking forward to seeing more from your portfolio!

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whoa niiice 
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Any chance of you uploading the original marker render?

I'm looking to improve my marker work and have been trying to steal some knowledge from your work
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fantastic!!!! the detail is spot on... as AdvanceRun said, super nostalgic and reminiscent of the 90s

would love to have seen Psylocke too but i just love her storyline heh

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Who is the girl that has colossus Skin and the Illyana Sword?
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wow  this is impressive work of art, the detail is great.   its like xmen comic nostalgia .
the art is not exactly like the 90s. but its close enough. I even noticed Gateway top left. he appeared in a episode of Generation X comic .
you should have gotten some of them and their style in there. like banshee and Jubilation lee version of Jubilee  .
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Who's the girl with the sword? Daughter of Colossus?
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See my hot pic here - HotGirls
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Cool image. Who's the "human color Nightcrawler" in the left?
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Wow! I wish I could make art like this!
This is amazing!
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Epic and Badass
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This art's amazing!
Sorry all these shitty scambots are filling in your comments section though. Jeez
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Incredible work! I love Phoenix's hair. 
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