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Deadpool origins cover

Cover for X-Men Origins: Deadpool coming out in July from Marvel Comics. Done in Ink, Prismacolor, White acrylic and Copic markers and colored in photoshop. It's a semi-homage to the old James Bond movie posters of the 60s. If you'd like to order a copy contact your local comic shop and request a copy.

Hope you dig!
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how can you do such work !!!! ??? I ask !! after all, it is amazing! <3
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Thanks for cool drawing! Wish you inspiration!
This will be amazing!! Can not wait!!
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I love this comic!
The cover art is fantastic!
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It's great! Love your art! But I'm new to the whole marvel who's the White chic? Seems cool but I don't know who or what she is....:P
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All important features necisary to the movie :D
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I have that isue here, in argentina
this cover is outstanding. i can't picture a better origins cover. bravo
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OvO deadpooollllllllll :heart:
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Deadpool is wicked does anyone know if there is a movie out on him or the BLACK PANTHER ( really annoyed me when he was not in Avengers like come on. I have not seen it but hope if they make a 2nd avengers they put him in it, it would be awesome.)
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They probably don't because he joined the avengers really later on. He was only a agent, he worked for the team yes, but was not necessarily part of the team.
Harmony-Bender's avatar
Actually if you go on the marvel website, they are looking for a black panther script or something along those lines. So it could be possible.
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Oh i was referring to the original timeline, i dislike the ultimate timeline.
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oh i don't read comics, i just love the black panther.
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Yeah me to i put him in a fan fic. i wrote. He was in a special branch of the avengers called the Black Arm.

The team was:
Ghost Rider
Dead pool
Black Panther
Dare Devil

Cool team huh?
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I might re-write it someday.
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who are the two on the left
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Hey! I was at the comic book store the other day and I believe I did see this cover. I couldn't get it due to a limited allowance I give myself for comic and I am already working on 3 storylines but I will reading deadpool's soon. This is so very nicely done. :eyepopping: It caught my eye in the store too. It stood out from the massive amount of other cover arts.
Sorry to be an idiot but what do you mean when you say coloured in photoshop? I understand you are using software to colour the picture but what do you do in Copics, prismacolour etc?

It looks amazing.
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hahaha I like deadpool, and logan looks like Indiana Jones hahahaha
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DEADPOOL!!! never enough DP. I gotta get that issue...
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