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Deadpool-Cable promo piece

promo piece for the new Deadpool/Cable book from Marvel Comics. Coming in November being penciled by me so make sure to pick it up(shameless plug=) (Smile)
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Dang! That looks so awesome! I bow before your skills
totally badass : )
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fucking awesome.
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Cable is my Favorite! I have done some Deadpool sketches check em out[link]
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dude, ur a legend! ur art is imense! i been reading the colection recently, i was already a fan of Deadpool but now i think Cable is my fave character.....EVA!! keep it up m8!
Hey Mark im sure you don't remember me. I got a ya to do a Deadpool sketch for me at Dragoncon in my sketch book to go with the Morrigan ya did for me. It remains 1 of my favs along with the ones that Michael Turner did for me ( your missed Mike but your legacy lives on ) About 2 -3 years ago my girlfriend lost her Dragoncon weekend pass. When you found out that we were gonna have to buy a new one you gave her an extra one you had for free. That meant alot to me coming from one of my favorite artist. We went outside to smoke and chatted about how 1 of your neighbors wives was a nitro girl lol. Gotta love those random conversations. Anyway I hope to see you at Wizard world this year in Atlanta. Hope it is a good con considering it will be wizards 1st time in the ATL. I halso hope to be able to get another sketch from ya in my book and maybe some original art splash pages. Keep up the amazing work. Hope to see ya on X-force, Green lantern, Gl corps, or a rebooted Justice League.
Howdy Mark im sure you don't remember me. At Dragoncon about 3 years ago I got ya to do a DEadpool to go with my Morrigan Sketch you did for me in my Sketch book. Your skecthes and the ones that Michael Turner ( your missed but your legacy lives on ) did for me are still my favs. My girlfriend at the time lost her weekend pass and when you found out that they wouldn't replace you gave her a extra weekend pass that you had. That meant alot to me coming from 1 of my favorite artist. I just found this site and joined. I hope to go to Wizard world this year and see ya there. Hope to get another sketch and hopefully some original art splash pages. Keep up the amazing work. Would love to see you on X-force, Green Lantern, Gl corps, or a rebooted justice league.
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I have a problem with Deadpool being bigger than Cable. Cable was always massive. And Deadpool lanky. Why is he so huge here? Coloring is amazing. But the size difference bothers the crap out of me. It'd be like drawing the Hulk really skinny...
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Go buy some liefeld comics then.. this is serious art
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ahh thoos were the good old days... yep me and cable dukein it out... (how long have you know Cable Deadpool?) ahh.. few months perhaps
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I.... you.... ah... hm...
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you..... you drew the covers.....


I got the ultmite collections not long ago.
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love you're cable!!!!!!
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that's sick. Cable and Deadpool's a badass piece dude.
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:XD: lol, Excuse my nerdiness :)
If you dont get the reference, that means your normal

You X!treamly X!traudinary peice of MARVEL art
has been featured in my Three part MARVEL Featurette,
Quite obviously in Part One X-Men
Here Is the Link [link]
Feedback is always greatly appreciated,
thats my sugarcoated way of saying demanded ^^

Now... If you'll excuse me i have to send this EXACT! same message to 113 other people!!
*thunder clap* :mwahaha:

TARD GLOMP!!! :icontardglompplz:
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These two are just awesome :P I so love Wade XD
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deadpool is the best!
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dude i have all the collection it was good untilthey change the drawer... youre style is the best youre my idol!
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This is great!
It's admned shame they cancelled this...and thye had to do it just as it came out in Britain
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oooh i reaad this!!! it was great, deadpool is by far one of my favorite characters :D
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