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Captain britain and Psylocke

By diablo2003
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Just something done for fun in the last couple of days. I've always loved these characters sice back in the day and thought they would fit perfectly for my country series of pics. the first was the Silver Samurai with the Japanese flag behind him. next I plan on doing a few more including Colossus from Russia, Wolverine from Canada and, of course Captain America.
For anyone not familiar with the characters, Capt. brit and Psylocke are siblings born in England. Psylocke is a member of the X-Men and Captain Britain is one of the founding members or Excalibre. Pencils and colors by me.

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two of my favourite Marvel heroes
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WOW!!  Outstanding piece!!!
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Beautiful work as always!!!
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I bet most writers don't know these two are related. It's the only explanation for why they barely ever interact.
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I have loved Psylocke ever since I was a kid. And what great color;  really spectacular job.
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amazing i teel u
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Really looking forward to seeing what you do for 'Revolutionary War', speaking as one of the editors on the original Marvel UK books.
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Captain America can deflect bullets with his shield, but Captain Britain can deflect bullets with his face.
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I so love these two!
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this is awesome! i love the bulky britain!
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Everything is amazing! I miss Crimson Dawn Psylocke.
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This is incredible! Love the pose and the colors.
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Wow, that's all kinds of awesome!!
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Yeah!! Psylocke without bra!!!
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ooh ohh do Pyro, he's Australian
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I really can't come up with any words to perfectly describe this, closest I could get is EPIC
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Awesome work. I love Psyloke's pose. Nice color work as well.

Great job :thumbsup:
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