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Black Canary

Black Canary done for UpperDeck Entertainment for the DC Comics Vs. card set. I wanted to try something different with this one so I tried to color it as if it was an old image from a comic back in the 1970s complete with flat 3 dot coloring. slightly offset like the printing plates were a little off and the paper is worn out. Just for fun, I added some of my fellow comic artist friends around Atlanta to the dogpile of victims Canary is sitting on. Included in the pile is Adam Hughes, Cully Hamner, Jason Pearson, Tony Shasteen, Doug Wagner, Paul Jenkins, and Matty Ryan.

Penciled and inked on bristol board and colored in photoshop.

Hope you dig!

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what did your fellow comic artist friends say (... after they had recovered from unconsciousness!) ???
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Awesome Black Canary! I miss her in this outfit /:
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Ha ha... That Black Canary. She's always gotta be on top. :D
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i like her pose! lovely!
AndytheLemon's avatar
oh wow, so much detail! I love it
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That battered-page look is really convincing and just great. Love the half-tone color effect, too! And also, Ms. Dinah here just looks awesome.
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Awesome one of Canry here
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Heh, an easy work out for her.
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Man, this effect is awesome! Do you know where I can find a tutorial to get this kind of quality?
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She and the Hawkgirl are my favorites *.*
Bunnygirle26's avatar
She is still my all time fav
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Dude. I totally dig this. I'm not huge on DC heroes but I LOVE Black Canary and this is probably one of my favorite pieces I've EVER seen of her.
Awesome drawing--she looks as bad-ass as she's supposed to be. :)
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very nice!!!!!!!!
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Perfect! I love it
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Dinah's rarely looked cooler, and I love the touch with the mountain of vanquished foes. Choice.
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Haha, the thing i noticed is that all the men basically has the same nose :>
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Nice job, man. I like it!!!
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hi i loved this colored texture how did you make it ?
so it seems like pop art
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The Black Canary is my favorite super hero, and this is just marvelous work. When I get my photoshop, i'll try to stand up to your greatness!
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