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Cover for Avengers for Marvel Comics featuring the comic versions of all the Avengers that appeared in the movie. Penciled in photoshop on a Cintiq 21UX, inked on Strathmore brand bristol board, and digitally painted in photoshop.

Hope you dig!
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Really amazing 👏👏👏👏👏!!!
Hey mark, im new to the comic art world and just gotta say you're one of if not my favorite artist here
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awesome. Love seeing your process
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Loving the Marvel NOW or the movie line-up before it expanded in a great way :D
infinisea's avatar
Suit up! Really amazing work!
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must be so much fun getting to draw all these iconic characters. Amazing cover
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The Hulk needed special pants.
GargoyleBlade's avatar
I have a question, probably a stupid one. How did you get the black inks into different colors for example the hulk dark green? 
Spidey-Rottweiler26's avatar
Cap in the front where he belongs! Amazing work!
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Great but, camp Iron Man :(
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Awesome. I love everything about this.
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As always, amazing work. If you don't mind, once you've printed the page out on bristol board, what do you use to scan it back digitally? I'm in the market for a good digital scanner and I'd like to get something that can handle 11 x 17 bristol board and other documents I need squirreled away.

Thanks, by the way, for the recommendation of Oxford Comics. I usually go to Book Nook since it's the closest to me, but I bought an Andrew Loomis book Thursday and have already improved on my proportions.
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This is simply just awesome, so speechless right now. Just wow!!
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wicked awesome
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You know what is my initial though on the colored version is that you could make each caracter paler and paler as they are further in the background to give it more of a sense of depth instead of having the heavy colours all the way through... but aside from that it really is a masterpeice. I really love it! I hope you are not offended by my comments. All the best,
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Awesome job!
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what say..........all is perfect ........I don't know if is better the penci, the ink or the colors versions........very hard leved of are great
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Not a fan of the chin strap on Cap (all that protective gear makes it look like an over-protective mother dressed him, he's a SUPER-soldier, shouldn't need more then his trademark shield) but very glad you keep the wings on his mask. (More recognizable silhouette.) :)
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looks awesome
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