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No, your eyes don't deceive you, this is a piece I submitted way back in 2005. I did it originally for fun and it was never used for anything but there was always things I didn't like about it. Recently, I was contacted my the owner of the largest Akira anime cell collection to do an exclusive lithograph for the Akira exhibit he is holding at DragonCon in Atlanta this weekend. I decided to dust this piece off and fix all the things that bothered me about the original. Changes include, hue and color changes, a new head, making Kaneda smaller and completely recoloring him, and adding all the other stickers to the front cowl like in the Akira comic books.
If you would like a copy of the print they will be available at DragonCon (Sept 3-6th) and limited to 100 copies. When they're gone, they're gone.

Hope you dig!

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thats mr kaneda to you PUNK
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I wish I can Draw like you
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AWESOME! That is one bad ass drawing!
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[link] I saw this here by the way. I didnt know if you approved.
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WOW! Love it! Beautiful work!
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Nice. Think i have 4 akira cels upstairs myself.
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That is freaking awesome. The movie made my stomach churn, but it rocked. I want Kaneda's bike, and Tetsuo's boots.

They're both awesome, and I'd say you did a great job.
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i saw this at dragon con!
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Splendid piece.
All of a sudden I want to watch the film again.
who doesnt want a bike like that. i wish it was real T_T
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i can dig it!!
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that is the most awesome thing ever!
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Rawr... Sexy man... :horny:
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awesome job!!!!
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thats a anwsome drawing
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I wonder how Kaneda must feel with all those stickers on his bike.
Brilliant! I can never get enough of that bike. What's taking reality so long to catch up to our imaginations? Somebody make that thing already!
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Wow nice and that bike is so badass!
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