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Age of Ultron #10 cover

Thsi is the cover for Age of Untron #10 featuring Wolverine and Sue Storm.

And a reminder that I will be at San Diego Comic COn in a few days at booth #5557! Please come by and say hello!

Hope you dig!

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LostTribesManlyAnime's avatar
wow this is EPic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
coronqoo's avatar
cool!!! love your art!!
highland-princess's avatar
This is great. I had been thinking about doing a piece showing the evolution of a character like this! I'll pick a different one though :)

djoevil's avatar
Amazing, simply amazing!! love your art
PokeyFluffytail's avatar
X-Men's your favorite team, isn't it?

Same here. ^_^
Cronossra's avatar
Great Concept Also nice way of showing off you're style :)
jpdeshong's avatar
your pencils are so tight. As one pro to another,, why ink? or if inking, why tight pencils? Either way, great stuff as always, but i wanna answer. :)
diablo2003's avatar
I pencil digitally and like to have a traditional piece to sell so I print it out in non-photo blue and ink it. And the pencils aren't actually that tight. If you saw the big version you'd see exactly how messy they are.
jpdeshong's avatar
You call that messy? Damn dude, how big a piece of paper do you use? Tell you what, one day I'll send you one of my pencils before inking. If you believe your pencils aren't tight, then you KNOW  mine are chicken scratch. Be well.
Smilly7's avatar
great pic love enjoyed the process
Matt151's avatar
ExtrumCreator's avatar
awesome stuff, very nice ! ! !
elyemo's avatar
nice work man :)
Rayeye's avatar
Wow, really nice! Love the way you the draw the face expressions, poses and different costumes!
Dionisante's avatar
Very good!
MarkRaats's avatar
Damn but you're good mate…...
mikehoy's avatar
This is amazing. Met you at Phoenix Comic Con last year and you were really cool to spend some time talking about your work. I wish you all the best and as always I feel like you are one of the best if not the best artist we have right now. Have fun at Comic Con San Diego.
Heavens-Assassin's avatar
Can't tell you how happy I am that Alex Ross' Wolvie suit is featured
stourangeau's avatar
God I love your work  You are one of the few artist that I enjoy all stages of their art.  Some Artist I just like the pencils but you do such a good job on all stages.
Wynta-Illustrations's avatar
Woah! Awesome blur effects
KingVego's avatar
By Odins beard you put in Old Man Logan to! SO AWESOME!
Anmph's avatar
Did you follow your previous method of digital pencils, physical inks, and photoshop colors? 
Could you share the tools used? 
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