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Hetaloid! Hetalia x Reader ~intro~
It was your birthday. one of the best days of your life. What you've been asking for though, was a Hetaloid. But, you didn't know which one you wanted, there was to many to pick from.
They were the most popular things of the century, some of your friends even had some.
you invited (friend #1),(friend #2), and (friend #3) to celebrate your birthday with you. Of course, your family as well.
~*baby timeskip of Prussian awesomeness*~
so now it was time presents. one of your most favorite times of any birthday party.
"______~ open mine first~!" (friend #1) yelled. After that, all of your friends had a miniature fight of whose present you should open first. you sighed in defeat.
"OK! how about a little game of rock-paper-scissors?" you asked. they all reluctantly agree. Until your mom butted in.
"Or, she could open her parents first. After all, we are her familly," she gave you friends an intimidating stare. everybody gulped. "Right, _____~?" she suddenly asked.
you gave a shaky nod. then yo
:iconhetafan123:hetafan123 1,152 353
Seven Minutes in Heaven Hetalia x Male!Reader
       You were at your house, scrolling through Tumb1r to see what had updated recently. Most of the blogs you were following had continued the events they started a while ago. You enjoyed reading what was going on through the pictures. You were artistic yourself, but not as good as you thought. Your mind would always tell you not to post anything, you only enjoyed following blogs for their art and stories.
       So focused on your reading, you jumped the minute you heard a slam downstairs. Someone had barged through your door and was stomping through the house, up the stairs. You quickly grabbed the bat you kept close to your desk, went to the wall that had a blind spot if you were coming in your room, and held the weapon up.
       Your door was soon thrown open. It didn't get tore off its hinges, to your surprise. The person took two huge steps forward. “Yo! (F/n)-” they didn't get to finish their sentence.
:iconchamirhatake101:ChamirHatake101 289 108
Child! Reader x Mochi! Hetalia (begining)
  You ran around the house because your mother had got you a surprise gift. You giggled as you saw your older brother, (B/N), staring at you like you just went crazy, which you were acting like right now. Finally, you ran into your mother, who was holding a (F/C) Cardboard box, with a small smile on her face. She kneeled in front of you, and held out the box. (B/N) decided it was best to spy, just in case. Your (E/C) orbs widen in joy, and you let out a small giggle. "Here you go (Y/N). I hope you like it, I have a feeling you and this little friend are going to be friends." You nodded, smiling widely.
  "Yes mommy! We will be the bestest friends ever!" Your mom looked at you confused.
  "I thought your (F/A) was your Best friend?" She said, as you put your and on your hips, and frowned in the cutes way.
  "(S/A/N) is my BEST friend. Not my BESTEST friend! Silly mommy!" Your mom chuckled at that.
  "Okay, okay, well, here you go sweetie, don't shake it, okay?"
:iconm4skyh00di3:M4skyH00di3 8 8
Nyo! Hetaloid Italy x Male! reader: Ch 1
It's an Nyo!Italy hetaloid! 
"If I remembered, there are about four types of these things. Oh well, better call one of my men to put the product back."
I was about to reach for my phone when I heard a small 'vee' sound from the crate.
"What the......" I went over to check the crate again but this time it moved a little.
Did it turn itself on from the bumpy ride? I guess I better turn it off before returning it so it doesn't run out of energy.
I got a crowbar to open the lid. As I check under the Styrofoams, something jumped out! I backed away, look for whatever it was.
"Vee~" cried a small voice. I followed the small voice to my couch to find a riceball? snoozing on the cushion.
"What the heck is this thing?" I pinch and poke the thing. It started to cry.
"It's alive!" I jumped but accidentally landed on the open crate. Styrofoams and paper flew out. One of the paper landed on my head and I began to read it.
Nyoloid Italy: version 1
Thank you for
:iconmikumikuknight:MikuMikuKnight 46 9
Mochi!ItalyxReader : Bathtime
Mochi!ItalyxReader : Bathtime and bonding
You were spending some quality times with a small little creature that had quite surprized your family when you got him…a tiny little pudgy ball…You have guessed it : a mochi!
Not just any mochi : a cute, clumsy, but sweet little italian one with a lovely little stubborn curl….
‘Where is Feli?’ you said as you gently took a small little glass of warm water…You then poured it onto a pile of bubbles, revealing the tiny mochi under it.
‘There he is!’, you said as Feli appeared, smiling as the warm water rinced him. He then playfully squirted water out of his mouth like a fountain and ducked as the water gently sprinkled on him. You smiled and took a small washcloth and gently wiped the water off your little friend, making him laugh a bit as you were tickling him. He then looked at you the way a child looks at his mother. You couldn’t help but smile warmly back at him.
Feli then turned
:iconsampea:sampea 59 5
Hetalia x Busty!Reader
  Ah, Y/N L/N... Such a beautiful girl. Beautiful slim body with H/C hair and E/C eyes. Her looks made men go wild and crazy. Even though you might have beautiful and charming looks, men also loved you for your huge breasts. You were the country of C/N, but you enjoyed being called my your real name. Your breasts were a tad bit bigger than Ukraine's which was a HUGE problem (I yea, I just did that .w.) Ukraine's breasts were huge and bounced up and down with the tiniest step. Since you have slightly bigger breasts, it was horrible for you to walk or skip and especially run. You barley went to the beach because men and some women would stare at your breasts with wide eyes.
  If you do go to the beach, you just sit on a towel with your clothes on while covering your breasts with another towel. That also earned confused looks at you... Anyways, lets get on when what sha'll be happening today in this first fan-fic of mine~.
 You were getting ready for another meeting. You wo
:iconmochigoesmoo:MochiGoesMoo 75 19
Don't Mess with a Mochi!
Don't mess with a Mochi!
Another peaceful day in the park. You grinned from your place on the bench, gently petting your England Mochi as he sipped his tea. The mochi's had become very popular pets, especially the America Mochi's. You had wanted one, but they were sold out. You figured that you would have to wait til the next day to get one when you saw the England Mochi sitting in his kennel with a sad look on his face. Apparently no one wanted him, so you bought him instead. It had been a whole week since then and the two of you got along like peas in a pod. The little white blob with green eyes and thick eyebrows practically took care of himself, which was very good for you. The only thing though was that he wanted your attention constantly; snuggling next to you in bed at night, crawling into your lap when you watched t.v. or read a book, even twining through your legs like a cat when you were on the phone with some guy.
But you didn't mind. You passed i
:iconquincygirl93:Quincygirl93 144 102
Lazy Sunday [Italy X Male!Reader] (Request)
    "What?!" I slightly shouted at Feliciano as I put the game on pause. He shook a little bit, and I expected him to tear up, but he bounced back, sitting next to me on the floor.
    "We should-a do something together!" Giving me a huge smile. I brushed it off and continued my game.
    "Feli, you know this is the time I play video games, right?" I said, not taking my eyes off the screen.
    "Si, but-"
    "And I got this game a long time ago, but I couldn't beat the first part-"
    "Si, but-"
    "So Alfred beat it for me and I can finally play it. It's just that I've been waiting forever and-" I trailed off when I felt a slight pressure on my shoulder. Looking to my right, I saw that Feli was resting his head on my shoulder, pouting. Sighing,
:iconprincessmischief:PrincessMischief 73 20
Mochi!ScotlandxReader: Kiss Interrupter
"Kyaaaa~~!!!!!" you, Bella and Elizabeta screamed, (more like fangirled) as the three of you saw one of the things that you always had wanted in your entire life, the limited living mochi! There were millions of them at first, but then the next thing that you knew there were only three left. The three of you barged in the store, luckily on the way there were no lines what so ever, there were no people
wanting to buy it so the three of you bought it immediately like there was no tomorrow. You obviously picked the Scottish Mochi which was the most adorable mochi that you had ever seen. The mochi had things with it, like miniature tea, bagpipes, small cigarettes. You obviously didn't want to take the small cigarette, but it was so cute you couldn't help it, plus the mochi wanted it. His appearance was that he had red hair, green eyes, and eyebrows the seem to caught your attention.
'Doesn't he look like Allistor?' you thought as you picked it up carefully and placed it
:iconalicekirkland23:alicekirkland23 211 87
Mochi!ItalyxReaderxMochi!Romano 3
“You poor babies,” you said, petting the heads of your sick Italian mochis.
They were both lying in your lap, huddled together, sniffling and coughing. Lovino was miserable. He couldn’t sleep at night, he had trouble breathing, he threw up everything he ate, and he cried a lot. At least Feli could sleep so his body could rest. You had stayed up hours at night to help Lovi go to sleep.
“Are you two hungry?” you asked
“Pasta,” Feli moaned.
“No. Pasta won’t make you any better. Remember when you had pasta yesterday? You were throwing up for five minutes straight. You get soup. It’s gentle on your tummy,” you told him playfully poking his belly.
He gave a tired giggle, but moaned as his stomach growled violently. You picked them both up and carried them to the kitchen where you heated up some chicken noodle soup and fed it to them. First you fed Lovino because he looked about ready to die of starvation from lack of food that
:iconellisxrobyn:EllisxRobyn 370 109
Mochi!GermanyxReader Helft Mir
~Germany POV~
There was once a mochi, more like a mochi block, that wanted to live somewhere with a nice master and a warm place with good food. That mochi was me. I was a German mochi block with beautiful crystal blue eyes, I was house trained, easy to care for, and for the most part, did what I was told. I was a sweet little thing, so why did life have to stick me with a horrible, old man that did nothing but drink and smoke, and,kick me around on the floor, and purposely not feed me? No mochi, no matter how tough, should EVER have to go through this. I was scared of this old man. I used to be a fearless mochi, tough and serious, but when the old man took me away from that life, everything changed.
After my daily routine of being yelled at and treated like garbage, I made my way to the door. Other mochis could bounce and roll around, but since I was a block, I couldn't do that. If I fell over on a side, it was hard to get back up without help. I got around by pulling myself along the
:iconellisxrobyn:EllisxRobyn 652 345
Mochi!Ukraine X Reader (Thanksgiving day)
Inside the box was full of vegetables and other food that made you stare in awe. There were so much food, and still fresh and looking good too! You wondered how aunty could grow such vegetables, fruit, or fresh things. Back to the content of the box, there were no living thing in there, that doesn't explain what you heard before. So, you stared at the box, waiting for something to jump out of it to surprise you. Then nothing happened and you shrugged, walking to the kitchen and organize all the food from the box, ignoring the fact that your aunty can send food to you another way. Besides, you can manage yourself and not starving. Then it must be a special occasion. What day is it today?
.....Ah, thanksgiving day. You've completely forgotten about it.
But now you were living alone, so you haven't been celebrating it much. Also, you parents were busy with their work, so coming back home might not be a good idea as your parents traveled a lot. You all used to have a great time on this day
:iconamydang97:amydang97 97 21
Mochi!Vienna X Reader
The first thing you noticed when opening the box was a music note hairclip on a head. A white head, thin wire-framed glasses, violet eyes and a curl. If you looked at it briefly, it kind looked like the Austria mochi your friend had, without a mole. Hmmmm, that's something to be noted. Anyway, you called her Katilyn, well, because you suddenly felt that it suited her, that's why. Along with that, you decided you'll introduce her to your neighbor's Austria mochi when you had the chance, since they had similar features.
As you thought, apart from looks, Katilyn also had a talent for music, especially violin. She played it very well in fact, except that you have no piano or guitar skill to accompany her. Well, maybe you have a bit of guitar skill, but not professional enough. Then you remembered your friend's mochi and your past decisions. Therefore, you brought her over as a visit to your neighbor, as you haven't visited them for a while. The meeting was lovely, indeed. Both mochi got al
:iconamydang97:amydang97 39 11
Mochi!Scotland X Reader
(The first thing you saw when you opened the box was a mochi who looked oddly really alike to the England mochi next door. Yet, it had different eyes colored auburn with the tint of green and was smoking. Yes, smoking and the smell wasn't that good in a house with close doors. You didn't mind people smoking, but house full of smoke isn't a good idea at all. You was about to go and take the cigarette when you decided to just open the window, after all, it will also gave you fresh air and make the smoke go away. Hmmp, so now you have to open the window much more now.
You named the little mochi "Allistor" and found out that the England mochi and him are related with Allistor being a Scotland mochi. Well, that does explain the similarities they shared. However, it seemed they were always got along well, with Allistor teasing Arthur - the neighbor England mochi - and they fought. That escalated really quickly, didn't it? You wanted them to get on well with each other but then figured it was
:iconamydang97:amydang97 112 10
Mochi!England X Reader (Part 2)
Today, Arthur felt like his luck has gone sour. The flying mint bunny plushie that you gave him had gone missing. It was something important to him as it was hand-made and a present from you for his birthday. Most importantly, you would be very upset if you learned that he had carelessly misplaced your gift like that and he doesn't want to make you sad. That is why he was trying to find the plushie before you came home and asked him about it.
The first place he checked was his bed, where he usually put his important stuff, but the plushie was not there. Next was somewhere that he might have left his stuff behind when he carried them with him. However, despite how much effort he had made, Arthur couldn't find the plushie everywhere. He had tried asking the real flying mint bunny herself, but she didn't know where her plushie self was.
There wasn't much time left before you arrived home and he was panicking. Luckily, it seemed one of the fairies spotted something (or someone) far far awa
:iconamydang97:amydang97 49 7
Mochi Zombeh by wildragon Mochi Zombeh :iconwildragon:wildragon 1,067 416


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